The Sacred Power of Three


Courtesy of Pinterest

Trinity, Again

I was watching a video of Don McLean’s “American Pie” and listened to the words:

“And the three men I admire most
The Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost
They caught the last train for the coast
The day the music died
And they were singing
“Bye, bye Miss American Pie…”


Then a bell rang in my head…hadn’t I heard something like this, somewhere else?

Simple answer: yes! “Wisemen” by James Blunt.

“Look who’s alone now
It’s not me, it’s not me
Those three wise men
They’ve got a semi by the sea
“Got to ask yourself the question
Where are you now?
Got to ask yourself the question
Where are you now?”
Sometimes, the sacred power to recall is intact…

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I am an Astrologer who also writes about world events. My first eBook "At This Point in Time" is available through most on-line book stores. I have now serialized my second book "The Star of Bethlehem" here. And I am experimenting with birth and death charts. If you wish to contact me, or request a birth chart, send an email to
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