Yesterday, in our Faith and Science group, we discussed the concept of Trinity and how to best explain it, in modern terms.



Most of the time, we let the words trip off our tongues without much thought, but the terms used can be equated.

God the Father

Not surprisingly, we hold this aspect of Trinity in highest esteem. In the illustration above, this position is ‘top dog’. The second image, Body, Mind and Spirit, has the body in top position, because we look at human life from the ground up. If we shift the circles counter-clockwise, Spirit becomes the top one. Is this the clue?

God the Son

Jesus the Christ was the physical manifestation of Trinity. He was visible, concrete and accessible to others. He allowed us to glimpse into the other aspects.

God the Holy Spirit

Jesus said that after he was gone the “Comforter” would keep in touch with us. This is the ‘still, small voice’ which speak to us when we quietly listen. This aspect of Trinity helps us in our search for Truth.


Personal Computer Analogy

If we equate the Body to a computer’s hardware, the Mind to its software, and Spirit to the power source, we can then understand Trinity. We are the ‘sons’, programmed by the ‘holy spirit’, and powered by the ‘father’. Does that make sense now?

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  1. Ken Fulford. says:

    Excellent look and understanding of this content.


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