Money Laundromat


The casino industry in BC has come under intense scrutiny by the authorities because it is proving to be the biggest money laundromat in Canada. I discussed this very same subject earlier this year. But now I have more questions about the process.

In last night’s dream, I was given a lesson in how to detect if funds paid by bank draft may in fact be laundered money. It would seem that even a hint of impropriety can create a whiff of scandal. The drafts were for $10,000 and were being circulated from one person to the next, effectively hiding where the money came from. But, in my mind, I kept revisiting the initial transaction, wondering if there were something illegal going on.

To be honest, I never did get to the bottom of the situation, but my suspicious mind kept busy all night long, as I am sure the authorities will be when they try to follow the money trail.

But do the rich really want their ‘less than honest’ methods to be uncovered? I doubt it.

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