“Racialized” Canadians?

A large Canadian flag is waved during th

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What is Justin Trudeau Actually Apologizing For?


From time immemorial, people have been entertaining others by dressing up and imitating someone they know in common, even if that action may be a little tasteless. It was (seemingly) harmless in the past, but in today’s PC world, now totally unacceptable.

Cultural misappropriation, it is now called.

Has this all gone too far? Is the pendulum about to swing back again the other way?

Al Jolson sings Mammy


David Lowe commented on my post from yesterday that he lost his regional radio spot on the BBC quite a few years ago for a 1932 song called “The Sun Has Got His Hat On” because one person complained that it contained the N-word. One person! David’s concern is that we are becoming so politically correct that even the Jazz Singer may some day be outlawed, even Neil Diamond’s version.

In the past, blackface was the only way white people could share a cultural heritage that was forbidden to them by outmoded segregation laws in the United States. Blacks and whites were forbidden to have any mixed association.

Now, all those laws are erased, but the racial memories persist.

The Underground Railroad

Canada was (and still is) a safe haven in a hostile world.


This week in history, 170 years ago, Harriet Tubman ‘freed herself’. How appropriate that we should be focusing on this issue at this time. But to have the Prime Minister, a white Canadian from a privileged background, apologize not once, not twice, but for three times donning makeup to play a part in some social events as a person of colour seems to be taking this issue to a totally different level. It has now become a Canadian political football.


past tense: racialized; past participle: racialized
  1. make racial in tone or character.
    “the ways in which language is used to colonize, racialize, and commodify the Other”
    • categorize or divide according to race.
      “a highly racialized society”


It seems to me that this word is divisive in nature. The fact that Trudeau would use it is indicative of a form of prejudice. What is he really apologizing for? Being racist?


In trying to head off the the other political parties before they could benefit from this past mistake, Trudeau is playing right into the hands of Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada.

The pendulum is about to swing the other way, again.

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