Jesus’ Mission (in one paragraph)

(From) Mystic Christianity

For know ye, that Jesus the Christ is still within the race of men, suffering their woes, paying with them their penalty, every day, every hour—yea, and must remain so throughout the ages, until finally the soul of every man, yea, even that of the last man; the most degraded man in the world, is fully cleansed of the Karmic taint, and thus fully “redeemed” and “saved.” And within the soul of every man is found the Christ Principle, striving ever to elevate and lift up the individual toward that realization of the Real Self—and this is what “redemption” and “salvation” really means. Not a saving from hell‑fire, but a saving from the fire of carnality, and mortality. Not a redemption from imaginary sins, but a redemption from the muck and mire of earth‑life. The God within you is like the fabled Hindu god who descended into the body of a pig and then forgot Himself. It is to bring you to a realization that you are a god and not a pig, that Jesus, the Master, is working within your soul as the Christ Principle. Have you never heard His voice, crying from within your soul, “Come out—come out of your pig‑nature and realize the god that you verily are!” It is this “recognition, realization and manifestation of the god within you” that constitutes “salvation” and “redemption.”

(The Ninth Lesson: The Inner Teachings – pages 144-5)

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