Holy Toledo! Street Map as the Tree of Life

Kabbalah on the Ground

Toledo Cathedral

The Seer continued: ‘He confirms your idea that the Kabbalah was the basic model for the original town. Unfortunately, it looks as if the town has undergone so many changes since then that it is impossible to find that model. He tells me that he will point out the places but that in planning the town they worked with seven Kabbalah points only. The uppermost three and the tenth were hidden.’

Muhl, Lars. The O Manuscript (p. 304). Watkins Media. Kindle Edition.

Turning a corner he stopped again. We were standing outside the Taller del Moro in the street bearing the same name. He was in his own world for a while.

‘This was once the place of ‘the Knowledge about that which was’. This is the eighth centre of the present Kabbalah – ‘Hod’, the Radiance. We are talking about a number of storage-kingdoms holding the consciousness of the days of yore. It is also the sphere of the Brotherhood. More cannot be said at this time.’

We hastily moved north and passed the present Universidad de San Pedro Mártir. The Seer stopped at Plaza de San Román. It was a small square with a typical Spanish statue depicting one of the forefathers of the city. There were a few cypresses on the plaza surrounded by a low hedge.

‘This is the place for “the Understanding of Alchemy”. It is the same as the fifth centre of the present Kabbalah, “Gevurah”, Strength. Here once was situated a copy of the place outside the universe where the original knowledge about alchemy was stored. The area has an understanding of all the elements. If you are standing in the middle of the shape of a ball that is where the process is happening. In order to understand the alchemy of the elements you may use the name “Alkymium”. Léon is showing me a special point relating to matter. When I ask about a sign for this place I’m given a key, which changes into an “Ankh”, the Egyptian Key of Life.’

I was busy writing everything he said into my notebook. It was obvious that the Seer was in contact with something very important. The diligence with which he worked was impressive. And as usual when he was in this mood, everything came quickly and precisely. I partly walked and partly trotted in order to keep up with him and tried to take notes at the same time. We went in a north-easterly direction until we got to Calle de los Carmelitas. This was also one of the places that Miriam had circled.

‘This is the place for “the Understanding of other universes”. This is the old home of the elements. This place is equivalent to the invisible centre of the Eternal Kabbalah. This centre is called “Nut” and has something to do with snake forms. A series of unclear patterns are showing themselves as pentagons and octagons. Léon is pointing out that they contain deep knowledge. I see a dark tunnel with widespread points of light. It is possible to break the pattern and to get out of the tunnel. Then you meet yourself as the Oracle.’

I almost fell over backwards hearing the last sentence. The Seer poured out information in a constant flow, and it was difficult to understand its cryptic content. However, the sentence about the Oracle was a confirmation of the fact, that, notwithstanding the Seer’s own understanding of the information, when it appeared, it was very precise.

From the Carmelite Monastery the Seer turned south. He stopped where Calle de Santa Justa, Calle de Sal, Calle del hombre de Palo and Calle de Cordonerías met in a small junction.

‘This is the place for “the Knowledge of the Physical”. This is equivalent to the fourth centre of the Kabbalah, “Hesed”. Love. The image showed a symphonic body. Somewhere in the human brain there is a symphonic chamber. A symbol made from two entwined strings. Each string is made from twelve units. This symbol may be used in the physical world where harmony is missing.’

Immediately the Seer was on his way again. We passed the Catedral Primada de Toledo and walked down Calle Carcel del Vicario. Approximately halfway down the street he turned into a narrow passage.

‘The next spot is right here. This is the place for “the Human Image of Transformation”. It is equivalent to the seventh centre of the Kabbalah, “Netzah”, Victory. It tells you about the human power of imagination, which, if used properly, may serve mankind in a positive way. By the use of this power we decide for ourselves how we want to be. Through this, we may change our shadowy part and conquer our base nature.’

We now travelled toward the south-west. The Seer sped up even more as if there was no time to be wasted. We walked briskly down Calle de Santa Isabel and stopped at a small square, which also bore this name.

‘This is the place for “Understanding the Universe”. It is equivalent to the ninth centre of the present Kabbalah – “Yesod”, the Foundation Stone. Léon explains that in order to understand the universe you must look at it from the outside.’

The Seer slipped away again, but a little later he came back.

‘The universe dances in its own quiet way. It is surrounded by fine ring-shaped auras. This thought form was once reflected in microcosm, to be more exact, here on this street. Long ago there was a brothel here. Not in the way we understand a brothel, but truly a house of pleasure, a kind of university if you like, where female dancers made the universe dance.’

He had hardly finished the last sentence before he was on the move again, now due north.

‘We are on our way into the centre of the system.’

Suddenly he seemed to be more alert, more on the lookout. At the Plaza del Consistorio in front of the Ayuntamiento he circled around but didn’t seem to be satisfied. Slowly, we walked into Calle de la Trinidad and followed the walls to the Palacio Arzobispal. He stopped at a side entrance and stayed there caught up in his own thoughts.

‘Here it is,’ he said finally. ‘This is “the Melting pot” with the Grail in the middle. In the known Kabbalah it must be the equivalent of the sixth centre, “Tifferet” – the innermost Compassion. Until now, Léon has been present but I haven’t been able to see Kyot. Léon is leaving us now. He says that this is the revealed town. Kyot is showing me a garden maze. He is drawing various patterns, among others the Star of David, which, really is The Shield of Solomon. He is showing me the 144 or twelve by twelve consciousnesses, which are the essences of each other. No matter where you are in this maze you must be able to find the Grail.’

Muhl, Lars. The O Manuscript (pp. 305-307). Watkins Media. Kindle Edition.

The Seer was now looking directly at me.

‘You said so yourself: “the Grail is a state of mind”. Kyot is explaining that it was his task to be the one who removed the veil and revealed this knowledge. The legend of the Grail was and still is important to inspire mankind on its way towards self-knowledge and a higher consciousness.’

Muhl, Lars. The O Manuscript (pp. 307-308). Watkins Media. Kindle Edition.

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