What is the Afterlife Really Like?

Made in Heaven

Although this movie is a huge Rom-Com film from the 80’s, there are elements that appear to be quite accurate.

For instance, the fluidity of the afterlife: the ability to move through different scenes in random-like action. There is also the concept of learning hubs: places where individuals can study and perfect their skills. Individuals plan their next lives ahead of time.

These ideas are discussed more fully in “The Journey of Souls” portion of this post.

The part that Reincarnation plays in this movie is presented as a ‘must-do’ action by a certain time frame: if the reincarnating heroes don’t meet by such-and-such a time, they will miss their opportunity to reconnect in this (new) life.

Stairway to Heaven: a matter of life and death


Another 1946 film which explores what happens to those who die in battle has the captain of a Lancaster bomber bailing out of his airplane when it is hit by enemy fire.

In the first moments of this movie, the producers thought it prudent to state that any representation of this or any other world were strictly the product of one man’s imagination.

Because there is a courtroom case involving historical personages, the B&W segments (doing the inverse of “The Wizard of Oz”) show heaven to be coloured in shades of grey. In the end, love wins out, and the heavenly sequences are seen as perhaps the dreams of a man undergoing life-saving surgery.

As an interesting aside, compare and contrast the pre-crash conversation between (British) Captain Peter Carter and (American) Officer June (last name not given) to the one in Captain America: The First Avenger between (American) Captain Steve Rogers and (British) Agent Peggy Carter. Is there an echo here?


24596 A

This movie is a remake by Steven Spielberg of the film from 1943 called “A Man Named Joe” about a fighter pilot that died, but didn’t go to heaven.The only reason I’m referencing either film is the fact that the afterlife can involve shifting time and place, which might be seemingly out-of-sync with ‘normal’ chronology.

Love seems to be the overarching reason for someone hanging around after death. Love also seems to be the main reason for life. Love in all around: pay attention to it.


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