Are You Ready? OK, Take a Deep Breath…

Caligula (August 31, 12 AD – January 24, 41 AD)

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Today, in history, Caligula was assassinated. How’s that for having a timely post?

As we saw in an earlier post, Caligula (real name Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus) was a union of several streams of historical Roman family lines. He was the third Emperor, after Augustus and Tiberius. He may also have done some despicable things.

The timing of his birth chart is randomized, and yet there is one inconjunct.

Moon Inconjunct Neptune

This aspect indicates that you are very sensitive and that you pick up feelings from the people around you very easily. The danger is that many of these feelings will be difficult to cope with; they may make you afraid of the world and reluctant to go out into it, as you must do when you are older. As a result, you prefer to be alone with your thoughts and let your fancies wander wherever they want to go. When you are older, this may help you use your imagination very creatively, but it won’t help you work out your everyday problems. You must learn to stand on your own and not depend on others. You also have to learn that you are worth as much as anyone else, for you may tend to withdraw when someone acts aggressive. But the adults who help you learn these lessons must be gentle and understanding. Otherwise you will shrink back into yourself. Above all, you must not be made to feel incompetent or inadequate, or you will think of yourself as a loser all your life.

People with this aspect often hide their real feelings and make sacrifices for others that they do not really want to make. Then they resent the person who asked for the sacrifice. You must learn to tell people how you really feel; if you do not, you have only yourself to blame for what happens. You must learn to accept that you are responsible for your own life. Do not act as if you are the victim of strong forces that you can’t control, because you can control them.

(This could also be the reason for the insanity that ensued after the first six months of his tenure as Emperor.)

The Mars at age 27 could represent his assassination by three of his Praetorian Guard.

Those three are represented by Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune @ 12-15 degrees Aquarius in the ‘death’ chart. The Senate hoped to return Rome to a Republic.

Other Praetorium Guards wanted to keep the imperial rule, and made Claudius Emperor, almost immediately. The Senators were not pleased.

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