She Used to Be a Groupie with The Band

Cathy Smith (April 25, 1947 – August 16, 2020)

We watched the Gordon Lightfoot biography “If You Could Read My Mind” on the CBC last night. This woman’s story stood out from the rest of the documentary. At least two of Lightfoot’s songs were written about her.

It’s alright for some, but not alright for me
When the one that I’m lovin’ slips around
You think it’s fine to do things I cannot see
And you’re doin’ it to me, baby can’t you see that I know how it is

I can see it in your eyes and feel it in the way you kiss my lips
I can hear it in your voice whenever we are talking like this
I can see what you believe in when his name is mentioned and I die
I can watch the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you close your eyes

It’s alright for some, but not alright to be
Where the one that I’m lovin’ can’t be found
The city where we live might be quite large
But the circle is small, why not tell us all and then all of us will know

The Circle Is Small


I can see her lying back in her satin dress
In a room where you do what you don’t confess

Sundown, you better take care
If I find you been creeping ’round my back stairs

Sundown, you better take care
If I find you been creeping ’round my back stairs

She’s been looking like a queen in a sailor’s dream
And she don’t always say what she really means

Sometimes I think it’s a shame
When I get feeling better when I’m feeling no pain

Sometimes I think it’s a shame
When I get feeling better when I’m feeling no pain

I can picture every move that a man could make

Getting lost in her loving is your first mistake

Sundown, you better take care
If I find you been creeping ’round my back stairs

Sometimes I think it’s a sin
When I feel like I’m winning when I’m losing again

I can see her looking fast in her faded jeans

She’s a hard loving woman
Got me feeling mean


Have I got your attention now?

The timing of this chart is completely subjective. But the resulting double T-square focused on the Moon in Cancer may answer a lot of questions about “Why?”

There are only two inconjuncts and both of them are dependent on the chart rectification, so they may be complete fabrications on my part.

Sun Inconjunct Midheaven

While you are young, you will find it difficult to decide what to do with your life. The demands of the world may sometimes be hard to handle, because they don’t seem to take advantage of your natural abilities and instincts. Also, much of your time will be taken up with learning routine skills that do not seem at first to have much connection with reality. But don’t try to rush your life. Even if you can’t see why you should learn a skill, try it out anyway. Later on, its purpose may become clear. Also you tend to rush through your tasks, because you are impatient to get to something else, but in that way you don’t learn anything very thoroughly. Or you may try to live entirely for what you think is most pleasurable at the moment rather than for your long-range goals. Certainly you have a right to be young and happy, but don’t overdo it; the lessons you do not learn well now will create problems when you try to pursue a future course of action.

Moon Inconjunct Ascendant

This aspect ties together in you a Moon sign and a rising sign that are very different. This indicates that the image you project to other people does not reveal very much about your real feelings. When you are upset, you surprise people by showing a totally different side of your personality.

It is very likely that while you are young you will attract people who are emotionally difficult to handle. This will continue until you learn to show your emotional side as well as the surface personality that you allow others to see. It is all right for people to see all the energies that make up your personality. Only by accepting yourself completely can you overcome this conflict.

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