Faked or Real? Close Encounters of the First Kind in 1987

Gulf Breeze Sightings (starting on November 11, 1987)

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Another YouTube movie, another (potential) debunking of one man’s version of UFO reality.

As one of the Gulf Breeze eyewitnesses (early on in the film) states very clearly that he saw a UFO on November 11, 1987 @ 8:10 am, followed by two jets, obviously more than 12 hours before Ed Walters took his photos that fateful night, I’m going with that time. (And, of course, the eyewitness could be mistaken, but the resulting chart is informative, notwithstanding.)

That Jupiter Rx opposite Mercury and Mars is definitely suspicious. This is supported by a wide conjunction between the Sun and Pluto (both in Scorpio). The Ascendant @ 13° Sagittarius, supported by conjunctions to Venus and Saturn, seems to lend a motive: exposure of the truth.

There is one inconjunct:

Moon Inconjunct Uranus

With this aspect you must learn to control sudden outburst of emotion that occur at difficult times when you least expect it. Also your present home life may not be a stable situation in which you can grow up emotionally secure and confident. A particular incident when you were very young may have given the feeling that you can’t count on anything or anyone for support. Later in life, you may try very hard to get away from anything that reminds you of your earliest childhood, even if your childhood has not been difficult. You just feel hat you have to get away and go somewhere else.

When you read Ed’s story, you cannot help but notice the strange contacts he has with the UFO. The images that he sees, the voices he hears, the conversations he is privy to: they are symptomatic of disinformation. He took Polaroid photos and published them in good faith. That tells me that someone else was ‘pulling the strings’ of the model UFO which was later ‘discovered’ in his attic, years after he and his wife moved away. As he rightly says, why would he be stupid enough to leave the model behind if he’d been faking the photos?

This seems to be a blatant attempt to discredit his story, to make him a laughing-stock in later years. After the ‘game’ that was played on Paul Bennewitz in the early 1980’s, one would not put it past the “Men in Black” for them to continue to perpetuate a fraud of historic proportions. So, innocent though Ed Walters was, his ‘exposure’ of the truth is now just considered a cash grab.

Don’t be fooled, folks: the UFOs weren’t real, but Ed wasn’t the fraudster.

And one last point. As the day turned into night that Moon inconjunct Uranus would have disappeared. In the end, that’s why I chose to pay attention to that small timing detail…

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