Was Thatcherism a Form of “English Socialism”?

1984: The Graphic Novel (2021)

Cover courtesy of amazon.ca

It might seem a stupid question, but the timing of Margaret Thatcher’s rise to power in the 1980’s seems to lend itself to a Newspeak idea: Conservatism as an act of government to control the Labour Unions, especially the coal miners. In other words, to keep the workers in a perpetual state of war.

That is what my brain has led me to see: two irreconcilable thoughts, while believing neither one: just like the mental exercises (‘doublethink’) Winston Smith had to go through in the George Orwell novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four”. In the present, one is shown two opposing thoughts, and the spiritual third way allows one to hold those two thoughts in mind, but not reacting to either of them. I think that’s called non-dual thinking.

The following image is an illustration of pages 13-14 from the graphic novel, showing Winston committing ‘thoughtcrime’: an act of subversion against the party of Big Brother.

As with all such crimes against the State, he has been enticed into open rebellion by the concept of the Brotherhood. Oh, dear. Now he’s in political difficulty. One is not meant to have thoughts of one’s own. (Does this sound familiar?)

The following illustration comes from the Wikipedia file about the original novel.

A 1931 poster for the first five-year plan of the Soviet Union by Yakov Guminer [ru] reading “The arithmetic of an industrial-financial counter-plan: 2 + 2 plus the enthusiasm of the workers = 5”

The art of this poster is reflected by the cover of this graphic novel. It is also a statement that is required under torture from Winston. (And yet, why are we surprised by anything?)

If you have young people in your orbit, I would suggest that you get this book to read: it will open their eyes to how the world has changed since the pandemic…

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  1. captmccoy says:

    One of the best books ever written.

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