The Wellspring*: Be Your Own Guru

May – July 2013: *Interim Channelling


Units respond to the impulse of energy in the earth and sky.

These come from zones in the Universe that are pulsing with the growth of creation. All grows and all changes. You cannot imagine that life is static and opportunities are given to all to partake in these acts of creation to which you are all involved. All action creates movement whether it is action of thought, word or deed. Listen to your own impulses and use reason and logic to think of consequences, for choices can alter results. The whole is complex and the interplay of forces is always fluid and creates new potentials.

In the World at present the connections between people and countries keep interacting, causing feelings of instability and uncertainty. The outcome is unknown and this is how it should be: for creation never ceases. Life is fluid and the energies roll and move always forward. Do not seek stability, for that would be inertia. Ponder on this and accept all challenges in the light of creation.

Peace will come when you realise the truth of existence.

It is reasoned that you will only have peace when the Earth stops fighting for Its own perception of truth ceases. People see things their own way, but many insist that all must think alike, allowing the differences to enhance rather than restrict. Believe in your own truth and trust your instincts which are the surest way to find your own reality. It is error to seek truth outside yourself, as all have access within them. Your culture has encouraged limitation on variance and blinkered the sight in order to create a control of power. But when each is confident in trusting the truth which lies within, peace will eventually have dominion over all. Stress has its own purpose, it forces change. Without change there is no growth.


If you believe that life does have purpose, then believe that all delays and upsets can serve.

The human condition requires instant satisfaction, which does not necessarily assist growth. The periods of waiting can often seem too long to maintain any trust in fruition; that you just have to accept that nothing will ever happen or ever change, and that acceptance is all you have. It is hard not to despair that desires and dreams can ever be realised, that things happen for others but not for you.

Your higher self knows all. When it appears to fail to magnetise your desires, there is a reason and a purpose. When life appears to deal nothing but disappointment and pain, it is a period of testing and adjustment, challenging you to focus reason, decision, then right action. The challenges can come in many guises and on all levels, financial, emotional, and physical, plus many others and all are there to assist the growth of soul awareness.

Detachment is desirable but not easy to achieve. Time appears to create a sense of pressure. That is the great discipline with life in the material plane for disintegration and “death” is inevitable with all things here and effort is needed even to maintain the status quo.

Life which is lead with diligence and purpose is the most desirable.

However most have forgotten their higher connections and lose themselves in the material world. It does not serve the soul to dwell too long in materialism, for their satisfactions do not sustain. A balance is needed to be found between using the material opportunities and seeing the spiritual implications inherent in all things. Peace will be experienced if this balance is achieved, and joy in the experience of living in matter. Little is achieved when you lose that spiritual connection, and a testing time is felt when beings rely too much on things rather than ‘being’ in the moment. Even when times are trying, be they periods of poverty, pain or uncertainty, all experience has value and serves the growth of soul lessons. There can be a sense of irrelevance in what is said here, as life as you know it is very “real” with all the material concerns, but life here is finite and the experiences all total up to opportunities of growth. Only your higher being knows why you are in situations which test you, and if you can develop a detachment from any outcome and concentrate on doing your best in any given situation, a feeling of well being will result

If the fuel of suffering is what you seek, all you need to do is dwell on the negative.

Try to see all those things which are good in your life and not dwell on the lack. Your society has encouraged you to seek only the satisfaction of the moment and not to see too deeply into the lessons of all experience, whether pleasurable or not. Instant satisfaction is not what your life is about, but a continual journey towards enlightenment. The menial and boring tasks can give great satisfaction, if you will allow them to. They can refine talents and bring inner peace, the satisfaction of a job well done. How can you expect instant satisfaction from those things that are transitory? Why should all be for your selfish enjoyment? Nothing is valued if it is not worked for, and time itself is part of the process. Keep in mind that there is eternity to experience all that is available, so having to wait, even for little joys, enhance them when they arrive.

Time passes as do the various lessons and experiences of life. All passes eventually.

You do not need to worry at any outcome as everything serves a purpose, be it loss or gain. The material world is transitory and is not to be held onto too tightly. It is in your best interests to believe all is relevant and contains opportunities. Those periods of boredom are also periods of rest and assessment, and an opportunity to look around for new avenues to explore during the journey of life.

Trust those inner feelings whether of excitement or apprehension: they serve a purpose in your development. Learning to trust inner feelings is important, the closest guide you have with the Divine. Those feelings register in the body. Enjoy what you can and be at peace with any outcome.

You ask for guidance about the outcome of this life: why you were born, and what to cover and achieve. During your life you will experience many challenges, joys, sorrows and often a sense of futility. The journey can seem long and pointless, a struggle for survival, to just keeping going.

If you do not have an awareness of your spirit then the animal nature will predominate, and self absorption will govern most decisions until you learn to love beyond yourself. Most relationships are based on your own inner needs, and, generally, it is only through children that the lessons of selfless love are awakened. The family group can be very challenging with the ties of blood. It is in this environment that the major challenges are to be found with the expectations of loyalty and tradition predominating. Cultures are built over time and are deep within the psyche of the individual. It is into this environment that your soul arrives, to go through all the situations which will support and challenge the individual throughout their life in human form.

When the going is easy it is well to look beyond the self, to help and support those in need. To suffer yourself brings understanding and lessons of compassion, and empathy. Like a fish swimming in water, the individual must swim in a sea of conflicting currents of energy, learning to manoeuvre around obstacles in the form of emotion, physical privations as well as abundance (which can create its own challenges) learning to make the best of opportunities with self awareness and understanding.

Of course there is a scheme to life itself.

You only have to read the newspapers to see much of it being played out. If you are able to perceive behind the journalism, you will see there is a pattern unfolding. Society is in a state of flux. All systems are breaking down to make room for the development of the new. Rumours of wars and mayhem are designed to create fear, but if you can stand back and take an overview, there is a long term scheme at work in the experience of this realm, What appears chaotic is only so if seen through a limited lens. By distancing your awareness you will observe a beautiful tapestry at work. All the pain and suffering combined with all the joy and appreciation weaves a fabric of complexity, which can only be observed at a distance. It may appear that these words seem lacking in compassion for the masses who are suffering and in distress, but the human condition is here to explore all possible potential of the physical world. Even those who appear to have ease and abundance have major lessons to learn and each will play their part in all the multitude of lives they live throughout all time. No one is exempt from an opportunity to experiences, all stations and all roles, barbarian and intellectual, rich and poor, handicapped or athletic. It will all be with the integration of all experience that the world moves on.

In the cause of peace, efforts are made by the higher realms to assist those who choose to channel energy towards positions where they may assist. It is by this means that the flow of energy engulfs the various situations which will help to calm the energies of disruption. Even though you feel that the mayhem of war predominates, it would be worse without the assistance many are giving today. The battle of light and dark is at work all the time, and we need your assistance through maintaining your own inner balance to channel energy of peace through you. We ask this of you, it is not demanded and only can be done with your consent. If you can retain your own awareness of spirit it makes the task easier. While the distress of so many people suffering disturbs you, you also know that there is a greater plan at work and each must play their part.

Chances are that the way forward will ease off from now on. Major changes are happening all over the world and with this comes an internal settling down of those who have embraced these changes. Listen to your heart …your inner guidance, as the days go by, for this will assist you in the decisions you will make. The ensoulment that is happening is gentle and mostly imperceptible, except when you look back to previous times. The stillness of your being grows daily with the acceptance of the flow of life.

Detachment is felt from the chaos that is around, and the anger of those who cannot order life the way they want to. A brake is being used to prevent worse things happening, even if you think that may not be the case.


The needs of the many can be compared to the flow of impulses within the sea of life;

it pertains to the kind of urge which will bring new force into being. There is a drive to find a new way for humanity to instill the energies of development and evolution towards a greater awareness of spirituality and joint consciousness. It is seen as a step forwards to development of forces of unity. This separation that the individuals have from one another, and from the collective of humanity, brings distress, when your innermost need is to unite, but defensiveness of the ego prevents this from happening though self doubt and a sense of unworthiness. By believing that whatever you do falls short of the expectations of others hinders progress and loneliness is the result.

There are very few individuals who are so self assured that they do not feel they are somehow lacking, however brave a face they appear to have. In one way or other all feel they flounder through life, never totally in control or self assured. Many will hide behind a dogma of some kind. This can be religious, political, or even ideological, and they will use this to justify a self-righteous stance. But wipe away that screen and doubt will be found. It will only be when growth of true unity develops that the soul will find peace in human form. The sense of separation creates great pain for the soul when the consciousness is asleep. The need to learn to trust each other, that not all have agendas which are totally selfish, is a hard one to overcome. Material fears can blind perception, for trust is hard to achieve, and a belief in victim-hood predominates.

Energies have points of origin near the North Star. These energies help to emancipate and release a burgeoning flow of goodwill which is needed to see you through the various crises in the world. They bring a level of peace that is to be aspired to. Peace means different things to different people. For some it is the cessation of war, to others the quiet of an untroubled spirit with many variations in between the two. By listening to the stillness within, you will be able to access a greater depth of knowledge that is available to you. Breathing deeply helps still the mind sufficiently to open those channels to deeper inner knowledge. It will enable you to achieve more certainty and trust in what you know.

All are given a level of choice, and it depends on the seizing of opportunities that come your way. It depends on the wisdom exerted in each situation. Chances are always coming and timing has its importance here. Which way to go, what would be the best and most productive, relies on the wisdom behind those choices. It pertains to the need of the soul which has a higher control here. When the mind is open and the emotions still, choices are easier to make. So many influences come into play. Learn to love all that you do; resentment can be corrosive. By having a still mind you will flow towards all opportunities and choices will be easier to make, from a clear attitude to what is presented.

There is no such thing as wrong choices as all experience will teach something,

even if it is not to repeat. Levels are in every aspect. Big decisions will not appear as mountains if you are still and accepting. If doors appear to be blocked or closed to you, accept this. It may be that the timing is wrong or the higher self is trying to guide you away. If not too desirous of the outcome, all will flow.

Stilling the mind stills the heart, while waiting for inspiration which will come, not from external forces, but your own higher self.

If the reality of a situation is to be understood, put your mind in a state of ease and be still before forming impressions or judgements. Clear-sightedness comes with maturity and the stilling of emotions. It is in this manner that time brings its rewards. Belief comes through experience, not from dogma. The tightness of dogma prevents the flow of information to the heart. Learning to communicate with the unseen realms can only happen with this in mind. Many fear even the thought of the unseen having an influence on their lives. You are here to develop a union with the unseen and matter. Spirit is your tool to create this union. The overall intent is unity. With this unity is creation; the weaving of all experience and experimentation is creation using all material available, body, mind and spirit. Inspiration comes through spirit.

If the need arises, you will find all things required for your progress. It is the lack of trust in your own ability to attract which prevents the easy flow of life. This lack of trust is a problem you all face when in human form as the mind gets busy with doubt in your own worthiness and ability. It is learning to work with your own true nature that is the task….not to expect obstacles but recognise challenges and delays as tests. See the weave of circumstances in life. You are all interconnected, weaving a tapestry of experience. Emotion is the greatest challenge of all as it fluctuates, ebbs and flows. Being balanced is so important, fear is the saboteur.

Another challenge in the present time is stillness. You are so used to action and instant gratification. You seek excitement and purpose when life itself is purpose enough. It is hard to accept tedium and an apparent lack of progress and to be truly still within.

The scheme of things is triumphal in the extreme and will produce a quantity of ways to move forward to new beginnings. It requires a united will to succeed. In fact the outcome will surprise you as imagining cannot encompass the possibilities yet.

Belief is the essence in the creation of the new.

Doubt will delay the process. Time and timing are essential to produce anything in the realm of form but is immaterial in the realm of spirit. It is still hard for you to appreciate the differences in each state while the brain, rather than the knowing, predominates. Doubt and questioning prevent so many realisations from taking form and belie the possibilities which are available to you. Expectations of how it should be can also block vision from seeing potentials which may be regarded as alien.

What is needed to resolve many problems is the good will to overcome obstacles. It requires a concerted effort to control the emotional response to see the bigger picture. Time has passed where the uncontrolled desire to support the ego should end. Inner peace creates a balance within the being and this enables as overview which show all possibilities. Bring into focus the sense of unity with all things. The individual perspective is too limited.

The sands of time move on and with them the experiences show the patterns within the life time. This is also a gift of age which has not become entrenched with attitudes and opinions but maintained an ease of perspective having learnt all the lessons presented by life itself. To view life as a series of lessons is a more constructive way of dealing with all the different areas that you have been through. There will be a common thread to the whole experience which is recognisable as you get older. By doing this, there comes more clarity regarding your soul’s task in this particular lifetime. If you have developed honesty with yourself, then the clarity is easier. Try not to depend on the opinion of others when they are counter to your feelings, trust your inner feeling, they are a better guide to truth.

Perhaps there is a fear of self deception, the wishing process overriding real clarity.

Again this is your challenge to have enough quiet time to attune to your inner self and avoid filling your time with distractions. That Still Small Voice can only be heard when you are quiet. Meditation helps, but even a gentle walk or quiet contemplation will do just as well when it becomes a regular practice.
G.U.R.U. You are your own guru!

In the hearing is a clue to understanding the secrets of life. This hearing is the listening to your inner voice which is loud enough to hear if you will accept it through the feelings you hav,e when in a calm state and not following the impulses of anger or resentment, or the need to prove you are right.

We say repeatedly about the importance of stillness and peace. It requires discipline of the mind to achieve this. Try to have a quiet time daily; it is good for the health on all levels.

A sense of loneliness is part of the process. Your society has lead you to expect to seek and participate in constant activity and inspiration, filling each moment with noise and burble. So when this stops you feel you are floundering and failing to live life purposefully. To stop seems like a death within itself. A fear that you no longer have the opportunity to live a meaningful life is a dreadful condition.

To be still is a really hard lesson to learn in the Western World. There is so much stimulation all the time. Should you find yourself alone, without a sense that your life has no more to offer, that there is a slow decline towards the end, then take heart. Many are going through this at present. The breakdown of relationships and failure to find another to share your life with is part of process. Indeed unity is what the eventual aim is for the soul, but a unity that comes from a clear understanding of the self. So inner unity must first be achieved, to be still and balanced with self.

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