The Wellspring: Projection (of Light into Darkness)

(Flashback to) November 14, 1991

How glad we are that you have chosen to be part of the forward swell into the dawning light. We would wish to emphasize that you will need the commitment and dedication to the continued release of the blockages and restrictions that you have imposed upon yourselves.

At this stage it is very easy to slide back into matter and into veiled thinking, so be alert to the possibilities of some backward sliding. But, as long as you remain aware and open to all the potential and possibilities the Universe has to offer you, you will be able to go forward in the constant reclaiming of all that is your own.

You now have the ability to put forward new ideas and realisations, and to present them to others, for many are now ready to accept wider possibilities in their living. The speed of this change, that is to come about, has the potential to accelerate in unseen proportions. So, provided you avoid the desire to control or judge, the quicker the release of mankind can proceed.

As you observe the world situations of troubled areas, the more you can be easy and be a peace and detached in your observation, the quicker the release of their blockages will manifest. The service that you will do is to observe and to allow the peace to flow through you and be projected outwards into world situations of disruption. It is possible for you to defuse the situation in Iran and, also, in Northern Ireland.

The sense of hopelessness that you have experienced in the past, of what you perceive as man’s stupidity, is now over, and it is possible for every individual, carrying the light, to project harmony and peace into any situation, and to actively see it dispel the darkness.

It is possible for a few to do the light work of many, indeed, moving light years in a short space of time. At present, just observe the results of these thoughts that you send. Observe that it is possible to defuse apparently hopeless situations. There is no need to say anything except among yourselves, and there is no fear of ego taking control. Just allow your mind to be used as a sharp instrument, and your heart as the channel of peace.

Even these cleansing winds you now hear could be stilled. Are you prepared to test what we say?

We leave it up to you.

(Pages 39-40)

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