If Adele was a Reincarnation of Someone Famous…

Rita Hayworth (October 17, 1918 – May 14, 1987)

Rita Hayworth as Gilda (1946)

This is a total speculative post: this morning, I was trying to imagine who Adele might have been in a past life and I got a list of candidates. Peggy Lee, Dusty Springfield (both died after Adele was born), even Maria von Trapp. But the key, in my estimation, would be the level of popularity Adele has, and that means probably someone like Rita Hayworth, who died in May 1987, one year before Adele’s birth.

This birth chart was already on my Kepler 7.0 program, so I’m going with it. That Yod pointing at the Moon @ 26° Pisces seems significant, as the Moon represents popularity in the entertainment industry.

Sun Inconjunct Moon

This aspect suggests that there is a subtle conflict going on inside you that may sometimes create emotional problems. The Sun signifies your conscious personality, the way in which you act and the kinds of activities that you like to get involved in. The Moon signifies the emotional and less conscious side of you. It indicates the habits that take over when you are not acting consciously and feelings that come up from deep inside you. The inconjunct aspect between the Sun and Moon means that the Sun part of your personality is quite different from the Moon part, and it may be hard for you to relate them to each other. It is as if you are divided in two, so that whenever you have to make an important decision, especially one that involves your feelings, the different sides of your personality want to go in opposite directions. You sometimes find it difficult to decide if you like something or if you want to take part in some activity.

Moon Inconjunct Mercury

As you grow older, you will have to learn to make your feelings and your reason work together. The problem is not so much that they come into conflict with each other, but that your reason and feelings represent two very different sides of your personality. When you are calm and collected and able to reflect carefully, you make decisions in one way. But when you are emotionally involved in a situation, you are likely to make up your mind very differently, which could cause you to seem inconsistent to others and make it difficult for them to understand you.

Moon Inconjunct Saturn

This aspect usually means that your need for emotional security conflicts with your need to live with the world’s demands. Each of us needs to be accepted and loved for what we are, in order to have enough self-confidence to deal with the world. But we also have to learn to live with out own life situations in order to survive. In other world, we have to realize that we can’t have everything we want. With this aspect, these two needs are working against each other. Probably you will satisfy one of them at the expense of the other.

Comparing Adele’s Chart to Rita’s Birth and Death Charts

Because Rita’s natal Pluto is conjunct Adele’s Ascendant in Cancer, the connection is cosmic, in my assessment. The slow-moving planets in Rita’s death chart totally match Adele’s. Adele’s natal Sun is within 6° of Rita’s Ascendant in Taurus. And Rita’s ‘fatal’ Mars is conjunct Adele’s natal Venus in Gemini. Finally, Rita’s natal Moon (remember the Yod?) is within 6° of Adele’s natal North Node. Hmm.


The ‘proof’ is not totally conclusive, but there are touches of connection between them. It would be interesting if Adele had any opinion on the matter, but I am mindful of the comment she made to Oprah about not looking up to anyone for their bodily looks, so this may never be accepted.

(And just for laughs, here’s the comparison of Adele’s chart with those of Maria von Trapp…)

(Adele’s Ascendant is conjunct Maria’s natal Neptune, and Adele’s North Node is conjunct Maria’s natal Venus, while Adele’s South Node is conjunct Maria’s natal Ascendant. And there’s more… Hmm.)

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