The Wellspring*: What is the Root of Negativity?

November 24, 2021: *New Channelling (XXXVII)

Selfishness and the desire for personal power lead to all kinds of negative behaviour through the desire to dominate any situation. As with all things, like attracts like, and it becomes a battle, between working with higher consciousness and cooperation, with the need to be unique.

For society to run smoothly requires all parties to work together for the betterment, support and growth of all, but, if the ego is unwilling to play a team part to support, as well as lead, the balance is not achieved. In the lower nature the motivation is personal survival in material form and learning to work with others for mutual benefit, but this generally does not extend to those outside the group. Covetousness can lead to jealousy, disputes to violence. These emotions can present themselves in both the physical and emotional nature. The basis of this is insecurity, thinking to achieve some dominance will bring security, and this can be the very subtle draining of energy. Emotional manipulation is always based on selfishness and can take many forms of neediness, bullying, to violence, and placing personal wants first.

Learning to feel secure in yourself is the spiritual journey: to accept help when it’s appropriate but not becoming reliant, as this undermines your inner being as a creator within this reality and denies “who you are”. There is an interplay of give and take, as each individual gives and receives, building knowledge and wisdom, with the growth of the soul through the medium of matter.

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