Last of the Great Russian Christian Mystics

Leo Tolstoy (September 9, 1828 – November 20, 1910)

Leo Tolstoy barefoot (1901)

Ian, from our Faith & Science group, sent me links to pdf copies of two of Leo Tolstoy‘s books on the Gospels. Ian also copied out the Preface to “The Gospel in Brief”. One passage caught my eye:

When I had finished my work I found to my surprise and joy that the Lord’s Prayer is nothing but a very concise expression of the whole teaching of Jesus in the very order in which I had arranged the chapters, and that each phrase of the prayer corresponds to the meaning and sequence of the chapters:

1 Our Father, Man is a son of God

2 Which art in Heaven, God is the infinite spiritual source of life.

3 Hallowed be Thy Name, May this source of life be held holy

4 Thy Kingdom come, May his power be realized in all men

5 Thy will be done, as in heaven, May the will of his infinite source be fulfilled as it is in himself

6 So on earth, so also in the bodily life.

7 Give us our daily bread, Temporal life is the food of the true life.

8 Each day. True life is in the present.

9 And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors, And let not the mistakes and errors of the past hide that true life from us.

10 And lead us not into temptation, And may they not lead us into delusion,

11 But deliver us from evil, And so there shall be no evil.

12 For thine is the kingdom the power, and the glory, And may thy power, and strength, and wisdom, prevail.


It’s the kind of thing that often happens to me, when I’m writing. More often than not, I will decide on a post title, long before I have even thought about what I want to write in the post. Holy Spirit led, I expect.

All astrology sites list 10:52 pm as Tolstoy’s birth time, and all of them mark the accuracy of that time as DD, in other words, unreliable. Even my Kepler 7.0 program had this time, so I’m not going to change it. As a result, there is only one inconjunct, and since it involves the Midheaven, it may not actually exist, if the time was wrong. (Note that Saturn is conjunct Venus in Leo…)

Saturn Inconjunct Midheaven

This aspect indicates that you very much need a positive relationship with your parents, especially your father. You should not be disciplined sternly unless you are given lots of love at the same time. Otherwise, giving and receiving love from others will be a real problem for the rest of your life. Unless you are truly supported by your family and friends, you will begin to feel lonely and isolated from others and inferior to them. Also you are likely to have very serious difficulties with authority figures, because you are afraid of how they will treat you, not expecting that anyone will ever give you the loving guidance you need. You will see all authorities only as potential threats to your freedom and as sources of pain and trouble.

(Perhaps this is why Tolstoy preferred to think of God as his Father.)

The Wisdom of Leo Tolstoy in Five Quotes





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