How to Turn Personal Tragedy into a Universal Triumph

Spiritual Astrology: Your personal path to self-fulfillment (1988)

Cover courtesy of Goodreads

Here’s another of Kate’s go-to books. I suspect her version was the 1985 edition. Mine is later.

I’ve discussed Inconjuncts before (as I’m sure you’ve noticed) but now I want you to see what’s been written by the authors, Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy:

Quincunx (Inconjunct)

This is a karmic aspect. You have accepted the responsibility of teaching your fellow beings to become more aware. You are among those bringing in the New Age — the agitators, the healers, the new thinkers. It is a lifetime of “pearl and oyster”: Through constant adjustments to the irritations of life you are able to create much beauty and awareness for yourself and other people. Because you are so sensitive to irritations you learn to adjust so that you can heal them quickly; this creates a great deal of growth in one lifetime, which is what you wanted. Your realization that through aiding others your own growth pattern is speeded up is the reason you can be one of the light workers and help to lay the foundation for the New Age.

This is a “serve or suffer” lifetime. The most growth and awareness comes to you when you are providing a service and helping others to grow and understand. When you are not, you can be deteriorating in one of three areas: your physical health, your mental and emotional health, or your financial situation. More than any other aspect pattern you are subject to these types of instabilities if you neglect your responsibilities to your own growth.

Your own insights do not come directly through the people that you are aiding and teaching in this lifetime, however, but in other ways. Your duty is to assist where you can, and the universe will reward you with another source to provide the knowledge you need, either directly through your own spirit or through some other person. As you help others to gain the awareness they need to grow and adjust to their personal life circumstances, you open yourself to receiving the awareness you need. You recognize that your rewards do not come from those you assist.

You are happiest when you are involved in some sort of service, and you are best suited for a profession that involves healing on some level. This could encompass many areas: working in a health-food store or being a dietitian, farmer, or doctor; assisting with psychological healing as a psychiatrist, psychologist, or astrologer; working with spiritual or emotional healing as a minister; or healing other people’s financial, moral, or spiritual values.

You are one of the “worker bees” on the planet. You are preparing the way for the New Age in the same way a farmer clears the ground and makes it ready for the new seeds. You are learning a sense of humility in your role on the planet. You are also learning to appreciate the honor of being able to play a part in the evolution of the race and the access this gives you to higher sources of information.

In this lifetime you are gaining a larger perspective of the inter-relatedness of all things. You are incorporating the feelings of equality and appreciation that come from realizing that everything on the Earth is part of the same life force. Just as the plants are food for us now, we will someday become food for them. Understanding this kind of relatedness keeps you humble, free, and happy in your life role.

(Pages 312-3)

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