The Last Two Years have Been a Rough Ride

My Draconic and Natal Charts Analysis

In some ways, the coronavirus has been a test of faith, but only now do I realize how tenuous life can be. When COVID-19 was declared a pandemic in March 2020, I immediately began to question why it had taken place: was it a ‘plandemic’ as some conspiracy theorists had dubbed it, or was it a clearing out (harvesting) of souls? I had so many thoughts, with no conclusive answers. It was like taking my high school finals again.

My North Node @ 10° Aries was always going to be a challenge. I’ve known that since 1977 when I got my first astrology printout (in the mail). My journey has been one of constant discovery and confirmation of what I have known intuitively, since forever. Saturn Season‘s analysis of my Draconic chart and its comparison to my natal chart has ‘proven’ to me what I already learned about in this life.

My soul had a plan, and this time around the Sun, I was given a very potent set of planetary aspects with which to carry it out.

This makes me think that draconic Uranus in this lifetime will kind of shock that natal descendant at different times, which could be rather frustrating to natal Uranus in Cancer in the 7th House (such as relationships coming to a more abrupt end than maybe you were ready for or even relationships starting up before you were ready for them to begin…things of that nature – and I’m not only talking about romantic relationships here, either). I also think it’s very possible with Uranus Rx motion in the draconic chart and in your natal chart, and with draconic Uranus conjunct the descendant, that many of the close relationships of all varieties in this lifetime (especially those that come in like a fucking lightning bolt…or leave like a lightning bolt) are probably with people that you have had relationships with before in previous lifetimes.

Uranus, in the reality of my natal chart, is unaspected (since the inconjunct connecting it to, say, Venus is a little wide of the mark). This has made my relationships with others completely ‘unscripted’. No matter what I tried to achieve, something upset the timing of it, just as Ellie has pointed out in the excerpt quoted above. I suspect it was meant to keep me from forming too long an attachment to any one person, since I had so many past-life promises to fulfill. But it made me feel alone, as I wrote in a 1975 poem called “Lonesome”.

But when my usual contacts had to be kept at a distance of two meters (or more) for most of 2020, all of 2021 and the first part of 2022, I began to feel ‘set aside’. Did I do that to myself, or was that intentional for my soul to finally reach out for help from the only astrologer I know and trust now? (Kate died on February 16, 2021.) I have been feeling adrift on a sea of emotion (Uranus in Cancer): I needed an anchor, so desperately.

In the draconic chart, Venus has moved to Capricorn, and it is no longer intercepted. This makes me think that across all lifetimes, the values that you have probably give your soul a sense of mastery (and I think you probably handle your values in responsible ways). I also think you probably love and need to be loved in the same kinds of ways as well. This is all very internal (or turned inward) due to the Rx motion of Venus, so this makes me think self-love in responsible, solid and masterful ways is absolutely paramount across all lifetimes. It also makes me think about your own Venus intercepted in this lifetime with Capricorn on the cusp of the 2nd House, and how there is probably something to be said about finding valuing and loving your own self-worth (and even other things that you value and love) in different and unique ways that are masterful and responsible (kind of being able to blend the Capricorn and Aquarius energy)…and actually finding all of the above as a “resource.”

Ah, Venus. I noted in an analysis of a pop star undergoing a rape trial at the moment that Venus in the early houses of life (1 through 3) can take the form of ‘arrested’ development. (That first finger pointing at him has three fingers pointing back at myself.) I remember as a child thinking that, “When I grow up, I’m going to marry my Mom.” That kind of juvenile thinking never really leaves my thoughts. She is still my rock, even though she now has been gone for 19 years, as of yesterday. All mothers are their young boys’ first love: it’s only natural, after all. But has my adulation of her gotten in the way of seeing the other women in my life objectively? Hmm.

Another thing that I notice about the draconic to natal comparison is that draconic Neptune is conjunct your natal South Node. Neptune Rx wants to break down illusions and delusions (you already have this going on in your natal chart, too), but something about this wanting to smash through illusions and delusions conjunct the natal South Node feels important – like you have the ability to do JUST THAT this time around, specifically in terms of where you “came from” before incarnating into this lifetime (such as in terms of the most recent previous lifetime tied to this one, which is how I read the South Node generally). It’s also conjunct your natal Mars, which is the planetary ruler of your North Node (this makes me think this breaking of illusions is a big deal this time around to your “mission” in this lifetime). It also feels like it would probably infuse your natal Mars with a decent amount of spirituality (and probably to help you get down to the bottom of who you really are at the core of your being with the natal North Node conjunct the IC). Now, natal Neptune is already close to your natal Mars and South Node, which means this is already important for you in this lifetime as it is. It just seems to me that with draconic Neptune blending with natal Mars and the South Node, it really amplifies this breaking of illusions from a deep soul level, from the place between lives. It also seems that it would amplify spirituality and a desire to reconnect with the source – again, while this is already strong from a natal chart lens, it does feel even more amplified as an undercurrent. This will probably come through the most regarding your own understanding and beliefs, specifically about what is worth fighting for and what isn’t (the balance of this) – or that’s how it feels to me, anyway.

That breaking through the illusions makes Neptune act like Morpheus to my Neo. The Matrix is an illusion, which is based on what we’re experiencing in this world, especially right now. I experience Neptune as a grandparent watching over me, trying to keep me safe from the game’s Dungeons and Dragons. To me, Neptune represents the Holy Spirit, as a balance to my Peaceful Warrior, Mars (in Libra, conjunct my natal South Node). I come from a long line of soldiers, spiritually.

Also, interesting (and more of a side note): Your Draconic Sun/Moon Midpoint is at 24-degrees Sagittarius, which is conjunct the GC. This definitely feels like it kind of bends and twists the inner marriage between your draconic Sun and Moon (between the masculine and the feminine across all lifetimes). I know that you have mentioned that you think we usually come through most lifetimes as the sex that we are in this lifetime (maybe just a few lifetimes as the opposite sex). With your draconic Sun/Moon midpoint conjunct the GC, it makes me think that you have maybe had a more equal number of lifetimes as men and women (and probably some different lifetimes that kind of mutated or transformed concepts of identity in general – I could definitely see this being the case).

That’s an interesting thought: perhaps the Mars/South Node conjunction helps me remember only my masculine lives. But there is a touch of feminine in me, too, for sure, giving me a gentler ‘feel’ for history. That’s something I need to ponder on, some more.

Anyway, thank you, Ellie. You are a godsend to me. Bless you for your wisdom and knowledge.

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