Now That the World is Over COVID-19…

World Conflicts Are Escalating

I’m not an expert, but it seems to me that the ‘delicate’ balance from 2019 has been knocked off kilter by the coronavirus.

Today’s most dangerous flash points—whether Ukraine, Taiwan, or confrontations with Iran—relate in some way to the world struggling for a new equilibrium. Dysfunction in the United States hardly helps. A delicate transition of global power requires cool heads and predictability—not fraught elections and policy seesawing from one administration to the next.
2020 Coronavirus severity map

The idea that some of these conflicts are related to the coronavirus shows up in this map from 2021:

In reality, the role of NATO in Europe is not helping the situation in 2022.

And with Sweden and Finland applying for admission to NATO, it is no wonder that Putin has tried to defend Russia in the only way he understands:

Nobody wins, and everybody loses.

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