Meet the Man the Chinese Called “Chairman”

Mao Zedong (December 26, 1893 – September 9, 1976)

With the recent (and unprecedented) third term of Xi Jinping, I thought it might be beneficial to look at Mao Zedong‘s life and death. Here was a man who knew how to control the largest population on earth.

The timing of Mao’s birth is rectified from the estimated two-hour period of 7 – 9 am (Dragon hour). There are two inconjuncts not dependent on an exact time.

Jupiter Inconjunct Saturn

This aspect may signify great restlessness and unease, so that it is difficult for you to achieve a state of balance or feel calm and at ease. Often you have contradictory impulses; you want to plunge ahead into some relatively risky activity, but you are held back by feelings of caution or inhabition. It is often difficult to decide whether you want to act on your own or in a situation that is very structured and regulated. If your situation is too structured, you will feel closed in and repressed; you will want to break free and go off by yourself and do things your way. But when you get that freedom, you feel rather lost and at loose ends, and you find it difficult to set your own pace.

You may have mixed feelings about authority as well. On one hand you respect and admire your parents, teachers and other adults who guide your growth, but at the same time you resist their teachings. At times you resent these people very much, because they seem to limit you so.

The best solution is to learn how to discipline yourself and structure your activities so that you do not have to contend with regulation by others. Then you will discover that your problems with authority come from within, not from the people who are trying to give you discipline and self-control from without. Perhaps the best way to handle this problem in your life is to make a reasonable evaluation of any situation, make up your mind rather quickly and stick to it until you have completed the activity.

Uranus Inconjunct Neptune (1893-1896 and 1924-1927)

This aspect indicates a generation that had mixed feelings about its ideals and how to implement them. They often felt very confused about their ideals, and when they found that their ideals failed because they were badly formulated, this group became disillusioned. States of consciousness beyond the ordinary are very confusing to them, and they prefer not to get involved with such matters.

Mao’s Death Occurred After He was Removed from Life Support

I mention this fact because the death chart does not seem to relate very well to Mao’s birth chart.

Quite impressive, right? The stellium of planets between 7° and 10° Libra may actually explain what was going on behind the scenes: a power struggle. I could delineate the Mercury/Venus/Mars/Pluto conjunction, but I think you get the picture, already. He died during a full Moon opposition to the Sun. It’s appropriate. But comparing the birth and death charts does yield as much information.

I’m not saying that there’s nothing to see, it’s just that I wasn’t ‘wowed’ by the combination. Anyway, China hasn’t been the same since he died.

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