The Day that Russia Got Their New Dictator

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (August 9, 1999)

Sometimes it is beneficial to revisit past events, in order to see what was happening then.

By itself, this day should have raised some concerns for the rest of the world, but, as always, hindsight alone is 20/20 vision. That Pluto/Ascendant conjunction @ 6°-7° Sagittarius was an indication of Putin’s future plans of world domination. He couldn’t do it alone; he needed Boris Yeltsin‘s help to get there.

Notice how the Pluto/Ascendant of the ‘event’ chart is conjunct Putin’s Midheaven. Hmm.

There are other significant connections between these two charts, but all I wanted to do was demonstrate how the position profited the man. Remember this is a few days before Nostradamus’ “King of Terror” (full solar eclipse) came from the East. Here’s what I have said previously:

“As an aside, I want to remind you that Nostradamus predicted the return of the King of Terror, from the East. He specifically mentions the King of the Mongols. Had he been reading his Bible? It makes me wonder. The date was July 1999 in his quatrain. Did anyone come to power then? Oh, right: Vladimir Putin was made Prime Minister of Russia on August 9, 1999. How’s that for proof!”

Agog about Gog and Magog

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