The Night that Started the Whole Spiritualism “Thing”

The Fox Sisters Communicate with a Dead Peddler (March 31, 1848)

On March 31, 1848, Kate Fox challenged the source of the rappings to repeat a pattern of noises she made with her fingers. The rapper complied, and a relationship was established between the ghost and the Fox sisters. Soon they established a code in which the spirit could answer questions, one rap for a yes and two raps for a no. A neighbor suggested that the sisters go through the alphabet and have the spirit rap when a desired letter was reached, so that the spirit could spell out words and sentences. Through this method, the spirit explained that he was formerly a traveling peddler who was murdered in the house and buried in the cellar. This report gained credence nearly fifty years later in 1904 when one of the walls of the cellar started to crumble and a human skeleton was exposed.

Semkiw, Walter. Return of the Revolutionaries (p. 141). Hampton Roads Publishing. Kindle Edition.

History Rewind has decided that this event was a complete fraud. Hmm.

In 1888, Margaretta confessed that their rappings had been a hoax and publicly demonstrated their method. Margaretta attempted to recant her confession the next year, but their reputation was ruined and in less than five years they were all dead, with Margaretta and Kate dying in abject poverty. Despite their confession, the Spiritualism movement continued to grow in popularity.


But, if you look at the event astrologically, there are some interesting features:

I set the clock for 8 pm local time. The Ascendant is in the 1st degree of Scorpio, with an opposition to Pluto @ 26° Aries. The Moon and Neptune are exactly conjunct @ 1° Pisces, and in the 4th House (of Home). The North/South Node axis is between Libra and Aries @ 0°. This feels significant. There are no inconjuncts, so no hidden motives.

What do you believe?

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