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A Visit to the Dentist

I went to a new dentist yesterday, one that is more local to where we live, because I have a tooth that needs to come out. It turned out that they had an opening at 11:00 am because of a cancellation. I had to sign my life away before they would take me on, but what’s new about that?

In fact, one of the documents discussed the fact of whether or not one was willing to take the dentist’s advice…

They took an x-ray of the tooth and the surrounding tissue, and it became obvious that bone density was lacking. When the dentist came in, he introduced himself, and then proceeded to discuss my ‘situation’. His tone was hectoring, to say the least, explaining how my lack of oral hygiene could result in having to get dentures and how they might not work, and how awful my life would be in the future. It sounded like a very expensive ‘sell-job’.

Finally, after about ten minutes of this, I asked him why he was treating me like a child. He replied that he was doing no such thing, and when I said that indeed he was, he terminated the session, saying, “We’re done!”

I asked for my paperwork back, which I was given, and then I left the building without paying (as there was no charge).


What the Heck?!

I still had the problem of my tooth, but this event helped me to see several things:

  1. I already had a dentist, so I phoned him to make an appointment for tomorrow;
  2. I still don’t like being treated with disrespect;
  3. I needed to calm my ‘hurt’ pride;
  4. I also needed to forgive this dentist for upsetting me.

According to the author of “The Wanderers Handbook” anyone or anything that helps people more clearly see themselves is a catalyst.


Man in the Mirror

man in the mirror

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It is so easy to blame others for our own situations. We don’t take responsibility for our reactions to ‘events’. A Course in Miracles reminds us to forgive others, and in doing so we forgive ourselves.

Jesus said the same thing in The Lord’s Prayer: “Forgive our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.” It is simultaneous. I forgive you, and I am forgiven.

Maybe, one day, we will all get the message.

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2 Responses to Catalyst

  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    As you might expect, there is a post script: I received a statement in the mail this morning from the dentist office which shows a balance forward of C$163.00!


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