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A Legend in His Lifetime

Whenever I start to do research on an historical figure, I get the feeling that I’ve been here before. Same with Count Roland. The only thing known for sure is that he died 15 August 778. The rest is legend.

While he was vigorously pursuing the Saxon war, almost without a break, and after he had placed garrisons at selected points along the border, [Charles] marched into Spain [in 778] with as large a force as he could mount. His army passed through the Pyrenees and [Charles] received the surrender of all the towns and fortified places he encountered. He was returning [to Francia] with his army safe and intact, but high in the Pyrenees on that return trip he briefly experienced the Basques. That place is so thoroughly covered with thick forest that it is the perfect spot for an ambush. [Charles’s] army was forced by the narrow terrain to proceed in a long line and [it was at that spot], high on the mountain, that the Basques set their ambush. […] The Basques had the advantage in this skirmish because of the lightness of their weapons and the nature of the terrain, whereas the Franks were disadvantaged by the heaviness of their arms and the unevenness of the land. Eggihard, the overseer of the king’s table, Anselm, the count of the palace, and Roland, the lord of the Breton March, along with many others died in that skirmish. But this deed could not be avenged at that time, because the enemy had so dispersed after the attack that there was no indication as to where they could be found.



When I crossed the Pyrenees for the first time in 1993, the cold air of France gave way to the stifling heat of Spain. I found it hard to breathe. But I didn’t put that sensation down to anything but the change of temperature.

Now, I can see that there was a psychic cloud hanging over the area. I had died there.

This person was a Warrior’s warrior. His exploits became the stuff of minstrel song and later, embellishments of the most fascinating details. He is even ‘glimpsed’ by Dante (in his Divine Comedy) in the Heaven of Mars. That clinches it for me: this person represents my Mars in Libra incarnation.


Spanish side of the Pyrenees courtesy of World of Travel

Some Interesting Details

The whole region, from the French side to the Spanish, is called Catalonia. The Cathars would later crop up here.

The Merovingian Dynasty were rulers of the Franks until the century before Roland’s death.

The Da Vinci Code specifically follows the trail from this region to Scotland. That trail was formulated by the authors of Holy Blood Holy Grail. These codes they discovered were ‘planted’ to prove that there was a Royal bloodline which came directly from Mary Magdalene.

Do you see a pattern here?


My ongoing research has given me a view that my personal role in history has had a link to Jesus Christ, and the true version of his life and times. Now, my ‘job’ is to continue telling the world what I ‘know’ in my bones. The Gnostic version is real.


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