“Maplehurst” 72 High Street, Barrie

Walking Tour No 7

Heritage Building Walking Tour No. 7

“Maplehurst was built in 1883 by Nathanial Dyment for his son Simon and daughter-in-law Annie. Although Simon’s endeavour into manufacturing the Barrie Bell automobile ended in his financial ruin, the family owned this residence until 1967.

“This fashionable dwelling has impressive bracketing at the eaves, a semi-circular ornament capping the stacked low window, a sunburst gable decoration, and attractive bargeboard. The sweeping verandah and second storey, closed porch are twentieth century replacements of the originals. The grey paint hides the red brick and contrasting buff brick accents.

“The property is designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act for its architectural and historical significance.” (Walking Tour Downtown West booklet)

Barrie Bookkeepers

Barrie Bookkeepers

I know this building, inside and out. I worked here between July 2009 and March 2014. The image that is watermarked behind this advertisement is how it was when I first started as a Senior Bookkeeper. Then the owners added a handrail to the balcony.


This photograph, taken on November 21, 2012, shows the completed work.

Present Day Images

In 2016, ownership of Barrie Bookkeepers was transferred, the business was moved to Bayfield Mall and the owners sold the property. The new owners have changed very little, except the red Muskoka chairs have replaced the bench out front.



This latest photograph is labelled “Mandy Gallery Outside”. Is that a hint as to who owns it now? The trees seem to have changed a lot, too.


I know there are paintings on the market which show what this house looked liked in the first half of the 20th Century. One of those paintings used to hang above the fireplace mantle in the owner’s office (formerly the drawing room, no doubt). I even saw one in a art framing shop off Anne Street. But I have been unable to locate one on-line, which is a shame because those paintings were beautiful watercolours.

So, in closing, all I can do is offer you this one last photograph.


Barrie Historical Buildings

And this vintage image, just located on the internet:


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