MSS Back Story: Skip Garrett

seth macfarlane

Skip is second in command at ESP in Vancouver. He’s the middle management, the middle man. Skip is completely devoted to his boss Jack Armstrong. Skip is also still in the “closet”.

In the first scene, Skip tries to downplay Benjamin’s importance, knowing full well that he’s probably trouble for the COMMUNITY. When Armstrong’s interest picks up, he then suggests that Benjamin can’t be left to his own devices, and that he needs to be brought in for ‘reconditioning’.

Skip is great at what he does: changing people’s thinking under interrogation. He’s not a sadist, but he sees himself as the last resort before a suspect is put to death (E-E’d). He is psychologically clever and has had very few rejects.

(He would be the one who tortured Jesus before his crucifixion.)

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2 Responses to MSS Back Story: Skip Garrett

  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    A boyhood friend, Stanley Woods, had “Skippy” as his nickname.


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