Reefer Madness in Canada


Marijuana Now Legal in Canada

They should probably change the national anthem now:

O Cannabis, our bright and shining weed…

Yesterday, pot went on sale legally for recreational use for the very first time. Justine Trudeau fulfilled an election promise made five years ago. And now people with criminal records for simple possession are getting them pardoned.

All this so that the Government of Canada, and the provinces, can get their hands on the black market proceeds of crime. Talk about ‘filthy lucre’.

But they are mistaken if the authorities think that this will put the privateers out of business: there isn’t enough product to meet demand; young people will still be wanting their own stash; and small dealers can set their prices lower than the government’s to keep competitive.

The difference will be in using law enforcement agencies to bring the ‘pot pirates’ to justice. (Oh, wait, isn’t there already a ‘war on drugs’?) I can see all the earnings from legal MJ going to cover the cost for increased policing. And the growing, packaging and delivery systems will have to learn to keep up.

All that money to be made: legally!


The last time I was offered a joint was in 1977, by my friend Rob Rudd. The last time I saw anyone smoking pot was in the late 80’s. I’m sure it’s been going on around me, but I’m not interested in it, so I don’t notice. And my reason that it has never interested me is one simple fact: I don’t inhale. (Now, where have we heard that before?)

The only concern I have (well, not the only concern, but one of them) is that there will be a lot more people smoking grass for the first time, and if they’re not sensible, they’ll try to operate ‘heavy machinery’ (meaning, “drive a car or truck”). We may, or we may not, see a lot of road accidents in the near future. So, if you’re reading this (and you wouldn’t see this if you weren’t), remember:

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