The Man Who Would Be King


King Charles III

A short sequence repeated on The National last night highlighted a long-held belief that Prince Charles may never ascend the throne, although he has been preparing for the role of King since his birth.


Because the CBC has been repeating a 2017 documentary called simply “Elizabeth” the juxtaposition was startling.

Perhaps the irony of an anecdote about Charles on the day of his mother’s coronation in June 1953 puts the whole thing into perspective. It was reported by the Queen’s ladies-in-waiting that Elizabeth had removed her crown after returning to Buckingham Palace, saying that it was starting to give her a headache. While they had tea, Charles burst into the room and made a beeline for the crown. One of the ladies-in-waiting managed to get it out of his reach before he could get his little hands on it. That’s quite telling, isn’t it?

King William V?

A play (see above) has been produced about Charles ascending the throne and then causing a Constitutional crisis when he refuses to sign an act of parliament into law.

It is one of the enduring rumours that has been circulating in the United Kingdom since the mid-80’s: Charles would never succeed his mother. I suspect that the Prince of Wales and his alternative views have been looked on as highly worrisome by the ‘powers that be’. In fact, many Brits think Charles is a bit of a “crank”. Again, this may have come about because of the way the tabloids have depicted him. The ‘men on the street’ take the direction of their opinions from what the main stream media report. And Charles has never come off as being ‘normal’ since he divorced Diana, the Peoples’ Princess.

Most would prefer, it seems, to have Charles completely sidestepped and that the throne should go to his eldest son, William. That way, the crown would be in the hands of a new and fresh generation of royals.


Queen Elizabeth II will probably live to the same age as her mother, 101 years. This means that the issue of Charles’ ascension to the throne of Great Britain (United Kingdom) will be a few years off, yet. And it seems that she is preparing Charles now to assume some of her roles so that a smooth transition will occur after her death.

In the meantime, speculation will continue until that day, and the Man Who Would Be King will have to bide his time, doing what he has always done: being different.

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