China Space News: Moon Landing


Dark Side of the Moon

After all these years, we have a new space race, this time led by the Chinese.

Two questions: why this; and why now?

NASA backed off from sending anything to the Moon in the middle of the 1970’s. Did you ever wonder why?

The Hidden Reason?

Somewhere along the way, the agenda changed. If you were alive and aware during those years, you will remember how bad things were: gas shortages; race violence; Nixon as President; ecological concerns such as “global warming” and air pollution; and the escalation of nuclear proliferation. The ‘powers-that-be’ decided that an alternative had to be found: an alternative place to live.

The focus then became exploring other planets in our solar system (such as Mars and Jupiter) and finding other “Earth-like” planets in the Milky Way.

But this wasn’t for the benefit of the masses, but for the ‘Elite’ only.

Alien Contact?

Since 1947, UFOs have been flying in the skies over the United States. This has caused ‘flaps’ of fear. Then in 1977, Close Encounters of the Third Kind was released, which portrayed aliens in a more caring light. This was a hint that something basic had altered.

We have heard in recent years that there is a Secret Space Program, and that it has been running since the 70’s. But officially, there has been no confirmation from government sources. The closest we got was President Trump launching the US Space Force.

A Euphemism?

China landing on the dark side of the Moon brings up the Pink Floyd album of the same name. The title relates to Syd Barrett’s mental struggles and is an echo of the fact that the other side of the Moon is out of sight to Earth.

It makes me think that China has a hidden agenda, landing their spacecraft there.

But what is that hidden agenda?

Only those on the Dark Side of the Moon will know for sure.

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