JWR’s End Game?


An Indigenous Party for Canada

It was a thought that occurred to me early on in the SNC-Lavalin ‘scandal’: Jody Wilson-Raybould sought to change the Government of Canada from the inside; now she’s perhaps thinking of starting a party on the left that would fully embrace indigenous politics, not just pay lip service to Native Canadians.

She hasn’t said that out loud, so I don’t think she’s heading that way, just yet. But the Prime Minister’s next move will decide what her future is, and there’s a good chance he’ll kick her out of the Liberal caucus. As an Independent, she will be free to do whatever she thinks is right.

Just remember that her father Bill told Pierre Trudeau that both his daughters wanted to be Prime Minister one day:

Titter ye not…

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  2. cdsmiller17 says:

    ‘Throughout the SNC-Lavalin period I felt this Ottawa world pressing on me, particularly the media. While the media talked about many aspects of the scandal, one of its main focuses was on my “endgame” and figuring out what it might be. This infuriated me. In life, is not trying our best to do the right thing—and, sure, failing lots of the time—often our “endgame”? Or even just simply trying to do our jobs? Not in Ottawa. There had to be an ulterior motive. I guess in the warped endgame reality of Ottawa it was assumed that I must have done all of this because I wanted some power or privilege I did not already have. And what? Resigning from Cabinet, telling the truth even though it was difficult for the Liberal faithful (I was still a Liberal at this point), and I knew full well that it might get me kicked out of the caucus—was all of that part of a master plan to seek attention or gain power? Lunacy. I can have no greater power and privilege than knowing where I come from, who I am, and the values that I uphold. That is power. Powerful.’
    Wilson-Raybould, Jody. “Indian” in the Cabinet (p. 246). HarperCollins Canada. Kindle Edition.


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