The Siege of Orleans: Jeanne d’Arc


The Maid of Orléans

On this day in history in 1429, Joan of Arc (as she is known in English) arrived at Orléans with her French soldiers and helped to lift the siege that the English had laid during the 100 Years War.

Was she for real?

Her (Rectified) Birth Chart


There are two charts of her birth doing the rounds. The first one is dated January 6, 1413 @ 5 pm and the second dated January 6, 1410 @ 4:30 pm. And yet another one has the correct birth date of January 6, 1412 and the persistent time of 5 pm. (January 6th in the Gregorian calendar equates to January 15th.)

But these charts miss a biographical detail that the Maid herself gave in her own defence:

I was in my thirteenth year when I heard a voice from God to help me govern my conduct. And the first time I was very much afraid.

Using that little tidbit, I rectified her chart to a time of 7:25 am. The result showed, you guessed it, a Finger of God pointing at Pluto. (Bingo!)

Pluto in the Fifth House

You do not play like other young people, because you take any game very seriously, as if it were not really a game at all. You like to play for very high stakes, and whether you win or lose, it is the experience of putting everything on the line that appeals to you. At this point in your life, however, you may not recognize this, and you may wonder why playing with others and winning always seems so important.

I can imagine that the English couldn’t grasp why she should be leading the men into battle, so they brought the accusation of her being a witch to try her in a legal setting.

But there was another inconjunct in her chart which might explain this action to us.

Mars Inconjunct Uranus

Nevertheless, you need to find some outlet for your energy. It would not be good for you to hold it back totally, because if you do, you may be accident prone. Physical activity is a good way to use this potentially disruptive energy.

Like going into battle?!



How a young girl of less than 20 years could possibly lead an army of soldiers against a superior force is not something we can grasp easily. But Joan believed that God was on her side, and that was enough for her.

Would we were as sure, today…

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