The Sound of Silence


A Dog’s Journey

This is the sequel to “A Dog’s Purpose”. In much the same way, it is instructional for those who have a hard time imagining life after death.

This time the producers managed not to be controversial about some of the stunts the dogs went through. But the Boss Dog’s personality shines through each new version of Bailey.


Each time ‘Bailey’ came in contact with CJ, he would note the quiet sound of her presence. That’s a very nice way of saying that the noise of the world stops when she was around. It’s the equivalent of pressure building up in one’s eardrum, suggesting that something important is about to take place. It makes one more alert.

The other small visual statement that happens near the end of the film is the Rainbow Bridge. Susan picked up on its symbolism before I did.

If you like a tearjerker of a film like Marley & Me, you will enjoy this one, too. Just make sure you bring some tissues with you. And enjoy the sound of silent tears.

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