Why Is It So Hard to Understand Racism?


“You just don’t understand why I am so angry.”

Canadians are racist. There, I’ve said it.

Does that make any difference to the national dialogue we’ve been having, lately?

I don’t think so.

In fact, you can’t even say that we’ve “woken” up yet to the reality of what it must be like be to a ‘person of colour’ in Canada, can you?

Does that make me angry, too? You bet it does.

This Federal Election is Different

Never before has one of the party leaders been from a visible minority.

And it surprised me when Jagmeet Singh was selected by the federal New Democratic Party to lead them. I didn’t see that event coming.

I regularly switch between the NDP and the Liberals when I vote, both federally and provincially. You might call my vote a tactical one. But I live in a part of the country (rural Ontario) that always votes for a Conservative candidate, so my election choice is always just a critique of whomever might be in power at the time. In other words, my vote really doesn’t count.

The Liberals under Justin Trudeau promised a great many things when we voted them into power in 2015. The one thing I hoped they push through was Proportional Representation, to replace the present system of ‘first-past-the-post’. That way, my individual vote would count, along with everyone else’s.

But the Liberals decided to keep the present system, so I’m right back to where I was previously, mostly under-represented in parliament.

With Jagmeet Singh as leader, I’d even considered voting for the Green Party for the first time federally.

And the opinion polls seem to suggest that others may have thought the same way, giving the Greens a bump in those polls which showed them outpacing the NDP for third place.


Am I a Racist, too?

Until Trudeau’s brownface photo suddenly appeared, I had been contemplating completely abandoning the NDP to its fate, a footnote in history.

Now, I’m looking in the mirror, only to find that a white, male racist face is staring back at me.


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