Poppy Montgomery is…



This television series has a strange history. After being cancelled by CBS, twice, it found a third and fourth season on A&E. The reason? Poppy Montgomery, the Australian star of the program. Her character, Carrie Wells, is someone with a long and detailed photographic memory, and that makes her memorable to the viewing public.

At present, this show’s first season is being rerun on a local independent channel (CHCH) and it’s good to see what we first witnessed way back in 2011.

However, the CBS network must have had a problem with a strong female lead character because that first season seems to show how Carrie is supportive of Al, her boss, played by Dylan Walsh. Their back story is that they were lovers when they worked together in Syracuse, NY. I’m not sure if that was the correct thing to do, but the reasons behind that decision may have been ‘innocent’ at the time.

Anyway, I’m grateful for the opportunity to see Ms. Montgomery again.


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