Arc-en-ceil = Archangel?


Visible Light Spectrum

Inspiring view, isn’t it? And yet scientists would say that this image is just in your head, that it doesn’t exist in the real world. (In other words, your eyes see light being refracted in the air and your brain interprets it as a rainbow.)

But is it as simple as that?

After the Flood

(From Atlantis by Rudolf Steiner – pages 86-87)

If you were to enter this ancient Atlantis, you would find that it was surrounded not by such pure air as the present earth but by air saturated with volumes of mist, with water. This air became clearer and more transparent the further Atlantis developed, but the mists were densest where the more advanced Atlantean civilization developed. That is where the thickest mists were, and from these the foundations of the later cultures developed. Atlantis was covered far and wide by these mists. A division of rain and sunshine such as we have today did not then exist. Hence in ancient Atlantis what you know as the rainbow could not appear. You might search the whole of Atlantis and you would hardly find it. Only when the condensation of the water led to flooding, when the great Flood spread itself over the earth, could the rainbow come into being physically. And this is a point where on the basis of spiritual science you will gain the greatest respect for religious records. For when you are told that after the Flood, Noah, the representative of those who saved mankind, sees the rainbow first appear, this is really an historical event. After the Flood, mankind saw the first rainbow; previously it was an impossibility — simply from the point of view of physics.

An New Perception

Today, we are being presented with rainbow imagery everywhere: Gay Pride parades and flags; 144,000 Rainbow Warriors; pretty pictures, poetry, etc. It’s inescapable.

But the original message has been lost in the ‘mists of time’. The inner vision was then being obliterated by the Sun and we were descending into spiritual darkness. The rainbow was a reminder that we are not alone.

Here ends the lesson…

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