Star: 15 – Epilogue

We’ve all been waiting with bated breath for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ+. What if it’s happening NOW? What if the LGBTI community is here to live out Jesus’ message to love your neighbour as yourself?


Twenty years ago, when I was originally writing this book, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex community was definitely in its infancy. Now, a whole month (June) has been set aside to honour their Pride.

Even the television companies have capitulated: there are same-sex relationships on most programmes, something that would have been unheard of a generation ago. The most touching to me is the one between Root and Shaw on Person of Interest. Some things can still bring a ‘tear to the ear’.

Countries like Canada are now enacting laws to protect the rights of transgender individuals. India got ahead of most of rest of the world in legally recognizing a third gender.

Something is going on here, to say the least.*

Pontius Pilate


Pontius Pilate

During the retelling of my story here, I kept reminding myself that ‘somehow’ I know Jesus personally. But not in the sense of the ‘born-again’ Christian. I know him ‘for real’.

In one of my past-life regressions, I met my death as a Roman Governor in 1st Century Italy. It is recounted here. In my birth chart, using A.T. Mann’s Life*Time astrology, I can place my Saturn in Virgo position to about 10 AD. For years, I resisted the urge to do any research on this Roman Governor, always rejecting the idea that it might have been Pontius Pilate because this one died in Italy (seemingly). However, about halfway through putting these pages here, I decided, once and for all time, to do the research.

You can imagine the horror I felt initially when it finally dawned on me that this Roman Governor might well have been Pontius Pilate. It took about a month to wrap my head around that idea.

But what convinced me, in the end, was that I may have been personally involved in The Passover Plot, but I wasn’t Pontius Pilate: I was one of his subordinates.

Lentulus’ Letter Revisited


Letter of Lentulus

In The Sacred Virgin and the Holy Whore, Anthony Harris finally gets to grip with the ‘true’ text reproduced here (the bold print is the original material, the rest has been embroidered by later writers):

There has appeared in these times and still is at large a man, if it is right to call him a man of great virtue, called Christ whose name is Jesus, who is said by the gentiles to be a prophet of truth, whom his disciples call Son of God, raising the dead and healing all diseases: a man of stature tall, medium, i.e. fifteen palms and a half and slightly, having a venerable face, which beholders might love and dread, having hair of the colour of an unripe hazel and smooth almost to the ears, but from the ears down corkscrew curls somewhat darker-coloured and more glistening, waving downwards from the shoulders, having a parting on the middle of his head after the manner of the Nazareans, a brow smooth and serene, with a face without a wrinkle or spot, beautified by a moderately ruddy colour; with nose and mouth there is no fault whatever. Having a beard copious but immature of the same colour as the hair (and) not long but parted in the middle. Having a simple and mature aspect, with blue eyes of varying hue and bright. In rebuke terrible, in admonition bland and amiable. Cheerful, yet reserving gravity: he sometimes wept, but never laughed. In stature of body tall and erect, having hands and arms delectable to the sight. In converse grave sweet and modest, so that justly according to the prophet was he called beauteous above the sons of men.

The Cross

Comparison Charts

It never occurred to me before that Jesus’s birth and crucifixion charts were also demonstrating the Cathar symbol in a graphic form.

The birth chart has a horizon line formed by the Ascendant in Libra/Descendant in Aries, with a vertical axis formed by the opposition of the Sun in Capricorn to the Moon in Cancer.

The crucifixion chart has a horizon line formed by the Ascendant in Cancer/Descendant in Capricorn, with the vertical axis formed by the opposition of the Sun in Aries to the Moon in Libra.

Each chart is an echo of the other, with the Full Moon in evidence in both. The symbolism is profound. The circle of his life was completed by Jesus being crucified.

The symbol is the one which we now recognize as that of Earth.

List of Chapters

Symbol of Earth

Introduction (part 2)
1 – Prologue
2 – Mercury: The Winged Star
2 – Mercury: The Winged Star (part 2)
2 – Mercury: The Winged Star (part 3)
3 – Moon: The Death Star
3 – Moon: The Death Star (part 2)
4 – The Ascendant: The Star of the Magi
4 – The Ascendant: The Star of the Magi (part 2)
5 – Uranus: The Enigmatic Star
5 – Uranus: The Enigmatic Star (part 2)
6 – The Sun: The Local Star
6 – The Sun: The Local Star (part 2)
7 – Mars: The Warrior Star
7 – Mars: The Warrior Star (part 2)
8 – Pluto: The Transformative Star
8 – Pluto: The Transformative Star (part 2)
8 – Pluto: The Transformative Star (part 3)
9 – Jupiter/Saturn: The Star of David
9 – Jupiter/Saturn: The Star of David (part 2)
10 – Neptune: The Mystic Star
10 – Neptune: The Mystic Star (part 2)
10 – Neptune: The Mystic Star (part 3)
11 – North Node: The Star of Destiny
11 – North Node: The Star of Destiny (part 2)
12 – Venus: The Morning Star
12 – Venus: The Morning Star (part 2)
13 – Midheaven: The Star of Heaven
13 – Midheaven: The Star of Heaven (part 2)
13 – Midheaven: The Star of Heaven (part 3)
14 – Some Conclusions
14 – Some Conclusions (part 2)
14 – Some Conclusions (part 3)


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* Simon Peter said to them (the disciples): “Let Mary leave us, for women are not worthy of Life.” Jesus Said, “I myself shall lead her, in order to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit, resembling you males. For every woman who will make herself male will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” (Gospel of Thomas 114, quoted in The Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Pagels)

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Pontius Pilate courtesy of;
Letter of Lentulus courtesy of;
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+”Rise like a Phoenix”: Eurovision 2014: a new direction?

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