Are Consumers Being Led by the Nose?

Shopping centre supermarket plan iso flattened

Supermarket Sales Tricks

While walking the dogs, I started thinking about our preferences as to where we like to go in supermarkets. You see, one dog likes to walk on the right, while the other likes the left. It makes no sense logically, but every bit psychologically.

The illustration, above, shows some of the tricks used by merchandizers. But the “Start Right Here” note seems wrong to my shopper’s eyes. Most supermarkets actually want you to begin on the left side in order to get you to circle the whole store before you come to the cashiers.


Hunting versus Grazing

Men and women shop differently. It’s a proven fact. And it may be due to the genetic programming from our ancient ancestors.

If a man is shopping for a few essentials, he will head straight for the bread and milk sections of the store. A woman will see what’s on sale, along the way. Which is why the supermarkets are set out the way they are: they are trying to make it an interesting shopping experience for the female of the species. That way, more money is involved.

But the other point I wish to make is that, upon entering a supermarket, women like to turn left, men go to the right…

Need I say more?

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