The Junior US Senator from Vermont


Bernie Sanders

In a short discussion on yesterday’s post, a fellow astrologer, Steve Kinsman, wrote this:

If you look at the horoscope for the inauguration (January 20, 2021, 12:03 PM, Washington, D.C.), a triple conjunction of the Sun, Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius is squared by a triple conjunction of a void moon at 29 Aries and Mars/Uranus in Taurus. You can read it as a moderate wins (Mayor Pete or Joe Biden) and he is constantly challenged by the party’s left flank (Moon, Mars, Uranus). Additionally, you can read the chart as a whole, seeing the presence of Uranus squaring Sun-Saturn-Jupiter and in conjunction with the moon and Mars as the signature of a radical, even revolutionary administration (Bernie or Elizabeth). The void moon portends that the new president will not finish his or her term.

This is why we astrologers need other astrologers to keep us in check. His point about the Moon/Mars/Uranus conjunction is what I’d overlooked.

The Next Presidential Administration


But I wonder if Steve is correct in thinking that this is a Democratic presidency. All signs point toward Trump triumphing again. However, the knives will definitely be out if he does win.

Sanders’ Birth Chart


Right away, I can see the point that Steve was making: Bernie has a Moon/Mars conjunction in Aries. But Pete Buttigieg has a Moon/Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius. That’s perhaps why these two men are neck-and-neck in this Democratic race. And both are widely popular in a way that surprises the pundits. (To be honest, the media thought it was going to be a race between Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren.)

But now I’m going to divert from discussing Bernie Sanders’ chart to analyzing the next Democrat Presidential candidate.

Bernie as President?


The only direct hits I can see involve the North Node in the Next Admin’s chart and Bernie’s Jupiter (justice) in Gemini, and the South Node in Bernie’s chart with the Next Admin’s Neptune. That may prove significant, and fated.

The Moon/Mars linkup in the Next Admin’s chart is almost matched by Bernie’s Moon/Mars linkup. The fact that both Moons are in Aries may be the most significant echo. My only quibble is that they are in the 12th House of the Next Admin’s chart and that feels like an undercurrent of expression rather than the actual experience of being.

But this quibble could be defeated by Bernie choosing Kamala Harris as his running mate. Then her energy would double the popular vote power. Her Moon is at 27º Aries 39′, the closest conjunction to the Next Admin’s Moon that is possible in this instance.

Buttigieg as President?


The Sun in both charts are ‘close enough for jazz’ (Stan Freberg – Heartbreak Hotel). And the fact that they are conjunct to the Next Admin’s Midheaven (cusp of the 10th House) indicates that Pete may actually be the man for the job. But, as Steve says, he will be under pressure from the Democrat’s extreme left to make radical changes. We shall see.

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  1. Stevens Kinsman says:

    Excellent analysis, Christopher.

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