The Wellspring: The Clean Slate

Clean the Slate

4 March 1992

How has it been for you? How have you seen the future unfolding for the human condition? Have you seen and understood the principles for a uniting consciousness as a disruption and rejection of the world that has been, or do you see it as a uniting force that will make men work in harmony with one another?

In fact, it will be neither of these things.

The world that you have known is now coming to an end. It is as if all the components are being broken up, in order to be rebuilt. It is the time for the phoenix to rise out of the ashes of everything that will be destroyed.

We have already told you of the shaking up and the panning for gold, and the experiences of the next few years will be like that. The transition will only be easy if you are able to let go of everything that you have held on to — that need for security — and the insistence on comfort; but if you hold on too hard to what you have known, the ride will be much harder.


It is rather like the leaves falling from the tree: when the time has come, when the cycle has been completed, the leaves can fall gently of their own volition, down to the ground, and eventually settle with all the other leaves, full of all their colour and beauty in the autumn sunlight. But, other leaves will need to be shaken and blown from the tree, from that which has sustained and supported them in their time of growth. When they land on the ground they also are beautiful and colourful, with all their essence intact — but the sustaining moisture withdrawn — and together these leaves will form the compost, the fertiliser for next year’s growth, and be reabsorbed into the roots, into a new cycle.

This period for man is like the leaves shaken from the tree. The tree will still be there for the next cycle, the next year, but those individual expressions have fulfilled their purpose and are disconnected from the parent tree. And so it will be for you.

When the process of disconnection comes, there is no real regret for the leaf; it is all part of the pattern, part of the cycle.


But, as with all the analogies that we use to enable you to understand the principles involved, you are not leaves, you are individual sparks of Divinity, you are creative Beings, but you are being released either voluntarily, or being shaken, or rattled, or forced to disconnect from that which has sustained you in the past. The process can be easy, or it can be difficult, according to how you perceive the need for that support.

But, still, what of the future? It is one thing to understand the process which is happening, but you also have a need to understand its purpose.

The purpose has been served of a certain growth, of development, of the human spirit. It is finished, it is over, it is done.


The future is a blank sheet, open to the possibilities and potential of that which has gone before, to rebuild from a clean slate.

You have the opportunities of a rebirth, without having to go through the birth process, with knowledge of all that has gone before, rather than from a blank mind or memory, as is experienced by an infant. You have the opportunity of taking all the components that are available to you, and creating something totally new. But, this time the Beings who remain here, rather than working against one another, in the new experiment or experience are to be working in union and harmony with one another, to see what can be created this time, with humankind working in joint consciousness.


Image courtesy of Joint Consciousness on Facebook

The experiment of ‘individual ego’ is coming to an end, and the experiment of ‘joint consciousness’ is the next stage of evolution.

It is an exciting time to be here at the beginning: full of possibility, full of potential; not to be feared, not to feel any concern about. So, do not be surprised at the breaking up of structure, the tried and tested and proven ways are no longer safe. It is an opportunity of newness, of birth — not reconstruction — but creative construction.

This is what your future holds for you.

(Pages 55-58 – The Wellspring: Channelling for the White Brotherhood by Fenella Rundell – Fountain Trust Publishing – Torquay, Devon UK – 1993)

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