Did the Skyfall Last August?


Image courtesy of NBC News

Russia Suffered a Nuclear Accident…

This might be consider ‘old news’ now, but it is still interesting to speculate as to what happened on August 8th, 2019: evidently, there was a missile accident, and the American news media decided it was a nuclear test of some kind. Well, maybe not an ‘accident’ after all…


Over the years, I’ve looked at charts of interesting events, like this one from the 80’s.

The impression I’ve had is that a Yod (Finger of God) represents something acting outside of our conscious control. Call it a Cosmic Response, for want of a better term.

In the chart of an individual, this can show up as something that undermines, or challenges that person, thereby making them try harder, to be a better human being.

In an ‘event’ chart, it signals an Act of God, or an action by a UFO. There, I’ve said it now.

This chart’s Yod is pointing at the Sun, and is formed by inconjuncts to Saturn and Neptune. (They aren’t the only inconjuncts in this chart, but they are the most influential, in my opinion.) So let’s look at those two inconjuncts, to see what their meaning’s are.

Sun Inconjunct Saturn

You may feel that persons, forces or circumstances are conspiring to prevent you from doing what you want. You may be limited by fear or by the belief that you don’t deserve to get what you want. With this aspect there is a danger that your frustrated energies will turn into physical ailments that further limited your freedom of action.

Sometimes you may be afraid to get the freedom to do what you want, for the rigid structure and rules that you are forced to live under seem to give you a feeling of security. At the same time, however, part of you does want to be free.

Sun Inconjunct Neptune

You are very sensitive to your environment and to the people around you. On one level of your being, you feel what is going on very acutely. Unfortunately your understanding often comes in terms that are very difficult to communicate to others, because their meaning is not clear in your own mind. Your greatest danger is being exposed to negative people who are full of anger or depression or who act very harshly toward you and undermine your self-confidence.

A Deeper Meaning

(From Encyclopedia of Astrology by Nicholas de Vore – Bonanza Books, New York 1948)

“In Horary Astrology the solar system bodies are subject to the following interpretation:

Sun: The querent — if a man. Rich and powerful relations; the person in authority, from whom an honor or favor is desired.

Saturn: Persons who, through narrowness of outlook, endanger the success of querent; aged and conservative or indigent friends or relatives; if unfavorably aspected, a person with ulterior motive.

Neptune: Those concerned with the investigation of scientific or metaphysical secrets; profoundly wise and eccentric individuals, geniuses, prophets, spiritual counsellors; persons of mysterious origin.”

There was that any clearer?


It’s fascinating that the Americans dubbed this missile program “Skyfall”. Seems appropriate, somehow. Was James Bond involved?

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