Conspiracy Theories: Identity of “Q”


JFK Memorial, Arlington Cemetery

I’ve come to the party very late for this one. I think it’s because David Wilcock never mentioned it, but I may be wrong. Maybe I just never watched that video.

This image is a huge hint.


Any clearer?

Vincent Fusca

Since 2018, the buzz has been that John F Kennedy Jr never died. In fact, he’s gone into hiding, in plain sight. He’s even shown up with his wife, Carolyn, at a Trump rally welcoming “Q back”…


Yup, that would really be something, wouldn’t it? JFK Jr back from the dead…

Like the fabled story of Camelot, JFK is the ‘once and future king’.

Americans have always carried a torch for their 35th president, ‘gone too soon’.


His eternal flame.

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1 Response to Conspiracy Theories: Identity of “Q”

  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    OK. Let’s be clear here: why would John F. Kennedy Jr. have anything to do with the Republicans?


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