A Belgian Waif Steals the World’s Heart

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

Although she was 31 years old during the filming of this quirky tale, Audrey Hepburn had the corner on young ingénues. She also had the perfect model’s body for the early 60’s. Edith Head must have adored dressing her for the part of Holly Golighty.

I presume this birth time is accurate, because all the astrology sites agree, as did my Kepler 7.0 program. And the only way it ‘feels’ correct is the placement of Neptune on the descendant. That would make her 23 years old when she starred in “Roman Holiday” with Gregory Peck and William Holden. Neptune is always the sine qua non of female stardom. Here it’s almost exactly opposite Hepburn’s Aquarius Rising. (And the Moon in Pisces in the 1st House is timed for about two months – she ‘died’ when she was six weeks old.)

I’ve called her Belgian, but her home was the Netherlands for the first few years of her life, then she moved to England. Cosmopolitan, through and through.

There are two inconjuncts, both of them fairly exact:

Mercury Inconjunct Saturn

This aspect can have several different meanings. First of all, you may have hidden fears that are difficult to express, but they cause you to do things that others can’t understand. These may include fear of the dark or of certain places or people. Or this aspect can mean that you often feel depressed and sad for no apparent reason. You tend to see the serious side of life, and it weighs on you more than on most people.

She had a morbid fear of water.

Pluto Inconjunct Midheaven

You may have trouble with older people who try to teach you how to effectively take control of your life. Even while you are young, you may resent their control over you and resist everything they are trying to teach you. To a great extent, your path in life will be shaped by your early confrontations with authority figures.

Another problem that can arise if you are not treated properly is that you may withdraw into yourself and become very secretive, as though you have something to hide even when you don’t. This can make people distrust you.

Holly Golightly

According to The New York Times, Truman Capote based his most famous creation on Carol Matthau, Walter Matthau’s wife.

“It begins with a bleak childhood spent in foster homes until the age of 8, when she was rescued, Cinderella-style, by her mother’s second marriage (to a co-founder of the Bendix Corporation) and relocated to an 18-room apartment on Fifth Avenue. There she made fast friends with a debutante set that included Gloria Vanderbilt and Oona O’Neill, and developed a taste for writers.

“She married William Saroyan, the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, twice, despite a quotient of mental cruelty that could fill hours of ‘Donahue.’ Truman Capote was a lifelong friend who used her and her white-blond hair as a basis for Holly Golightly in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s.’ She was madly in love with James Agee, but wouldn’t have sex with him because he had a bad heart. Kenneth Tynan was also a beau, but she never had sex with him, either. Then she gave up on writers and married Walter Matthau.”

It seems to me that the part played by George Peppard would have been the substitute for Truman Capote (but in a much more eye-pleasing package).

We watched this film on Netflix on Sunday night. I had never seen it before (although Susan said she’d seen it a couple of times). All and all, the best character was Cat.

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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    Orangey, the cat, was a double feline award winner, the second time for his role here.


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