Why Does This Happen in One Place and Not Another?

Beirut Blast (August 4th, 2020 @ 6:07 pm local time)

All through this year, we are being subjected to a combination of planets that would be best illustrated by this blast in Beirut, last Tuesday evening. But I cannot see why Lebanon should bear the brunt of the situation. Just lucky, perhaps? I’m certain they would not think that way about what happened.

The conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn has been a thorn in our flesh for most of this year. I tried looking up if any of these three planets are connected with Beirut (or Lebanon) but got nowhere. (Even my trusty Encyclopedia of Astrology by Nicholas deVore does not have a listing that includes this location.) It makes me think that the roots of the explosion were caused by the storage of ammonium nitrate 6 years ago. Who did that, then? It turns out the Rhosus, whose cargo was impounded after the ship was found to be unseaworthy, was a Russian owned ship.

Russia is ruled by Aquarius, which in turn is itself ruled by Uranus, the planet of sudden change. This means that Uranus @ 10 Taurus 39 was in opposition to the Midheaven and Jupiter (the co-ruler of Aquarius) symbolic of huge events was conjunct the Ascendant @ 19 Capricorn 44. That’s like two tumblers of a combination lock clicking into place. Mars @ 20 Pisces 47 is sextile both Jupiter and the Ascendant, and Mars, representing accidents, is the third tumbler of the lock. Mercury @ 29 Cancer 02 is conjunct the Part of Fortune, while opposing the Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn combination: fourth tumbler. The fifth and final tumbler is Venus @ 17 Gemini 18, conjunct the North Node and inconjunct Saturn. Probably this was the only day that all five tumblers of the lock were opened at the same time.

Venus Inconjunct Saturn

(This needs to be read and understood as representative of Beirut and its relationship to the world: with the world coming together with financial aid for the charities already associated with the area, the sense of being a valuable member of the United Nations is finally being recognized. I wonder why it took so long?)

You need and want love, but you may not be able to get it easily. You may feel that your parents, teachers or other persons in authority make demands on you that you must fulfill before they will give you any love and support. If that is true, it is unfortunate, because you deserve respect and love as much as anyone. Although everyone must fulfill certain social demands, this should not be the condition for being loved. If this demand is carried to an extreme in your case, you will become cold-hearted and unable to love others even when you want to. You may also feel that you cannot indulge yourself in any pleasure or even love. When you are older, you may feel that duty and ambition must come before love and human relationships. Unfortunately, if you follow that path, you will become very lonely, and when you realize that you belong to no one and nothing, you will go through a spiritual crisis.

Before and after satellite views of Beirut Port (courtesy of NY Times)

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