When Barry Met the Donald

First Meeting: November 10, 2016 @ 12:34 pm

Again, I’m taking the timing of this event from a CTV News report on the day. It doesn’t take an experienced eye to see that there was a lot of tension being displayed in the press conference after their 90 minute meeting. When you couple this event with the previous post, you can see that the tables are turned, and Trump doesn’t like it.

Courtesy of the BBC

Obama is clasping his hands together again, and Trump is downward ‘steepling’. The obvious discomfort is extreme.

The meeting has only one inconjunct: between the Sun and Uranus. So, on its own, this is a fairly innocuous event. However, the Mars in Aquarius in the 12th House (unconscious) must have been conjunct the Ascendant for the hour or so before. That’s an aggressive placement for Mars, and echoes Trump’s Mars in his own birth chart.

How the Meeting Affected Trump

OK. Now we see what’s really going on in Trump’s mind. There are at least two Yods: the ‘event’ Ascendant and the Moon are pointing at Trump’s Ascendant/Mars conjunction; and the ‘event’ Sun and Pluto are pointing at Trump’s Uranus. Not quite as powerful as the ones in Obama’s post, but just as threatening to Trump, who likes to think that he’s way smarter than everyone else in the room (the ‘event’ Ascendant inconjunct Trump’s Mercury). And the ‘event’ Neptune being inconjunct to Trump’s Pluto would have made him defensive against any and all perceived threats, too. He was going to come out swinging, for sure. But it meant that from this moment on, he knew he was up against the combined forces of the Establishment.

Remember, nothing is as it seems. The “White Hat” is sitting uncomfortably on the yellow head.

Post Script

Of course, this wasn’t a walk in the park for Obama, either:

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