Who Would Want to be President, Really?

If I’ve learned anything about the transition of one head-of-state to another, as seen in yesterday’s posts, it is a stress-filled time. You go from a normal politician, glad-handing with supporters and other well-wishers, to the isolation of being at the top (or sometimes, bottom) of the hierarchy of society. I’m sure that’s how most Presidents feel.

Donald Trump is different. He’d never been a politician, he didn’t know how the government runs a country. All he ever knew was how to make money running big corporations, with his name attached. In his eyes, he was a huge media star. Now he was just a lonely old guy sitting in a big old house, trying to make new connections.

So he turned his daily thoughts to tweets on Twitter. There: millions of followers!

Going Off Script

Most politicians have people who write their speeches for them. Even Donald Trump does. But he knows that his Base prefers it when he riffs ad-lib‘s. That’s when he says whatever comes into his mind, to the delight of convention crowds and the press. And, as any good comedian knows, you have to leave them laughing and wanting more.

But there’s one little catch: it’s all about Trump…

Courtesy of The New York Times

Since I’m not a subscriber to The New York Times, I haven’t linked this image to their post from April 26, 2020, about Trump’s self-promotion. They called it:

260,000 Words, Full of Self-Praise, From Trump on the Virus

The New York Times

In truth, Trump has ONE agenda: to keep everyone thinking, talking and reacting to him on a minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, day-by-day basis. And it’s working beautifully. Just look at the trending post on the internet, and up to 50% will be about him. For a media ‘star’, that’s all he ever wanted. “Please don’t forget about me…”

Way back in the beginning of Trump’s ‘reign’ I said that we should starve him of the oxygen of publicity. Well, instead, the main stream media gave him even more. Now we have a megalomaniac in the White House, and he doesn’t want to give it up. If ever there was a President that didn’t want to leave office, it’s 45.

And in the end, Trump says:

Sure you do…

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