Venetians and Turks Were Fighting in Athens in 1687

Destruction of the Parthenon on September 26, 1687

Neither side should be very proud of their accomplishment. The Turks used the Parthenon as a storage depot for their munitions. The Venetians took advantage of a deserter’s warning. As a result, the West partially lost a symbol of Greece’s glorious past. What a shame!

Would you like to see what energies were operating that day?

As the timing of this chart is randomized, I can only be sure of the Yod pointing at Uranus, supported by inconjuncts to Jupiter and Saturn. This is a battle among the ancient Greek Gods for supremacy. The Sun and the Moon are conjunct with Saturn, and Pluto is trine with Venus which opposes Uranus. Mars is trine the Sun/Moon/Saturn connection, and square Pluto. Even Mercury is sextile Venus. Only Neptune is un-aspected by any planets, but may be conjunct the Pisces Ascendant/Part of Fortune combination. What would Zeus have said? Oops?

Here’s an engraving from Wikipedia that is a copy of the first photograph of the Parthenon taken by Pierre-Gustave Joly de Lotbinière in October 1839. This is a bit of synchronicity for me, as I researched this man’s family tree decades ago.

It truly is a small world after all!

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