IMF: Impossible Missions Force?

International Monetary Fund (est. 1945)

Imagine if you will that there is a way to control foreign governments and effect regime change, without ever having to use military might, or even special ops.

Hard to believe no one realizes this in the United States (or if they do, that they don’t spend much time discussing it). That ‘olive branch’ motif is the clue.

Dangle a ‘carrot’ in front of the leaders of a country you want to ‘enslave’: in other words, offer to lend them money and then, when they accept, make the repayment terms so strict that they couldn’t possibly get out of your debt again. But sometimes, against all odds, something different takes place.

The Iranian Revolution

The Shah was put in place by an overthrow of the democratically elected leader in 1954. He was considered a ‘puppet’ of the West, until 1979, when the religious clerics took over. I have looked at this previously.

I’m going to suggest that the inconjunct linking the Sun and Saturn is the main point of this chart.

Sun Inconjunct Saturn

Sometimes you may be afraid to get the freedom to do what you want, for the rigid structure and rules that you are forced to live under seem to give you a feeling of security. At the same time, however, part of you does want to be free.

See what I mean?


Iran is still ‘free’ of Western control, although the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action in 2015 tried to rein the Islamic Republic of Iran in.

Then Trump withdrew the United States from the Iran Nuclear Deal on May 8, 2018, just because he could. Tensions have been high ever since.

So much for keeping them in line. Is it time to send in the IMF, again? But not the ‘imaginary’ Impossible Missions Force: that’s just a fantasy invented by Hollywood.

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