The Maid of Orléans Rides Again?

Jeanne d’Arc Enters Orléans on April 29, 1429 @ 8:00 pm

This 539 year cycle thing is fascinating, at least to me. Here’s what David Wilcock wrote:

Joan of Arc’s key battle ended on May 8, 1429. Although she and her group of soldiers lost the battle, her story was so powerful— hitting the Hero’s Journey “button” within everyone’s subconscious mind so strongly— that she inspired much greater numbers of people to rise up against tyranny and defeat the nemesis. The key turning point in the student uprising happened 539 years and two days after Joan of Arc’s landmark battle on May 8. A group of students armed with nothing but their bare hands made direct, violent attacks against the police ringing the courtyard in their riot gear: “A week [after May 3rd], a large crowd of students tried to ‘liberate’ the Sorbonne, which had been ringed by the CRS [police forces]. Trees were ripped up, cars overturned and cobble stones hurled— exposing yards of sand.”

Wilcock, David. The Synchronicity Key: The Hidden Intelligence Guiding the Universe and You (p. 261). Penguin Group US. Kindle Edition.

Are you beginning to see how this stuff works?

The lifting of the Siege of Orléans connects almost exactly to the Paris student riots of May 1968, 539 years later.

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