Before Psychology, There Was Astrology

Carl Gustav Jung (July 26, 1875 – June 6, 1961)

Our mother was a great admirer of Carl Jung. His understanding of archetypes made sense to her. And the idea that astrology was psychology’s precursor makes sense to me

The timing of his birth is “iffy,” to say the least, but I’m keeping what my Kepler 7.0 program has because other astrology sites give (about) the same time.

I suppose if ever there was a Herald of the Age of Aquarius, Jung is the man. His rising sign is a major clue (if the time of his birth is right). What I particularly appreciate is that his Moon and Pluto are conjunct in Taurus: talk about having his head in the clouds, his heart in his thinking and his feet on the ground, all at the same time.

And having a Yod pointing at Pluto meant that he would uncover the truth, with perseverance (Mars) and expansive thought (Jupiter). In other words, he would go further than others had before him: he didn’t suffer from limitations.

Astrology, as we know it now, suffers from a scientific conundrum. “How can a bunch of rocks in space affect life on earth?” It’s the question of the ages. Does anyone have an answer? Jung seems to: archetypes. These ‘energies’ (represented by the planets and the moon and the sun) have always been around us. We somehow recognized that the positioning of these solar entities against the backdrop of the zodiac gave meaning to our lives. Of course, that doesn’t make astrology scientifically provable, but it does direct our thoughts toward the Universe and the Intelligence that set these cycles in motion. Even in Shakespeare’s time, people understood the term “star-crossed lovers.”

We are not tested until we try to go against our true ‘nature’. Then we may succeed.

But what is our true nature? Are we good or are we evil?

The Final Word is Jung’s

“Know thyself.”


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