The Presidential Bodyguard, Missing in Action

John Frederick Parker (May 19, 1830 – June 28, 1890)

This man, a minor player in history, made a major mistake on April 14, 1865. He was AWOL from his post the night Abraham Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth.

Admittedly, the timing of this chart is randomized, then rectified. But it doesn’t mean it is accurate, except for aspects between planets. There are three inconjuncts, only one of which could be considered ‘real’.

Mercury Inconjunct Neptune

Sometimes this aspect means that you are so nervously sensitive that you pick up all the negative psychological energies around you and react to them very strongly. If this is true for you, the only way to deal with it is to be moved to a peaceful, positive environment. If there is too much noise or too many bad vibrations in your life, you will withdraw more and more and refuse to face reality.

(People with this aspect will sometimes try to drown out the noise with alcohol.)

Venus Inconjunct Midheaven

You have a strong need to be loved and to love others as well, but this may create some problems in your life. You are afraid that if you appear to others as you really are, they won’t accept you. This problem can be corrected only by the most careful upbringing, such that your parents correct your behavior in ways that help you feel self-confident rather than undeserving and unworthy.

Pluto Inconjunct Midheaven

You may have trouble with older people who try to teach you how to effectively take control of your life. Even while you are young, you may resent their control over you and resist everything they are trying to teach you. To a great extent, your path in life will be shaped by your early confrontations with authority figures. Your parents would be well advised to give you as much control as possible over your own affairs and as much self-determination as you can handle. You are quite capable of acting behind people’s backs if you consider it necessary or if you feel that you never get your own way.

(These two inconjuncts are dependent on a correct time of birth: the aspect between them does not…)

Venus Conjunct Pluto

You need to be loved very much, but you also need to love others. The attachments you form are very strong, because you don’t take relationships casually. On one hand, this can make your life very rich, as long as the people you are attracted to are equally intense emotionally and are good in other ways as well. But with this aspect you may be attracted to people who are not very good for you or who do not have your best interests in mind. This is particularly so if you do not have much self-confidence or self-esteem.

You should be on the watch for jealousy and possessiveness in relationships, either in yourself or in your friends. If you are the possessive and jealous one, you have to learn that your friend may have other friends without lessening the relationship between you. You also must learn to give those you love the same freedom that you want for yourself.

That Fateful Night

The overriding implication is that Parker stayed too long at the bar, after the intermission. In his own defence, he said he never expected anyone to want to harm the President.

The ‘event’ Neptune transiting Pluto of his birth chart implies that ‘something’ else may have been bothering him that night. His Venus/Pluto conjunction may have been activated, so I’m going out on a limb to suggest that he was having marital problems with his wife. The ‘event’ Sun was beginning to transit his natal Moon. See what I mean? The ‘event’ Mars (in Cancer) is opposed to his natal Jupiter/Ascendant conjunction (in Capricorn). And his natal Sun is conjunct the ‘event’ Venus, inconjunct the ‘event’ Saturn. He chose personal issues over his job, and lived to regret it.

Parker attempted to defend himself stating that he “could never stoop to murder much less to the murder of so good and great a man as the President. I did wrong, I admit, and have bitterly repented.”


What a load of guilt to carry to one’s grave.

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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    In my computer file, I’ve changed the name of Lincoln’s chart to “Abraham Lincoln Shot”. Lincoln died overnight.

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